NetEnt vs Pragmatic Play – Who Engineers the Most Adrenaline-Fueled Online Slots?

With hundreds of acclaimed games between them, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play represent the pinnacle of online slot development. To determine who rules the reels, this battle of words will thoroughly compare their impressive slot libraries on key metrics such as themes, features, jackpots and platform availability.

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Yo! Are you hype for the newest, craziest online slots? Us too! That’s why we’re breaking down the top dogs in online casino game creation – Pragmatic Play and NetEnt. These legendary studios are churning out lit slots faster than you can blink. With insane graphics, wicked features and giant jackpot potential, their games are straight fire! But which slot-slinging giant brings more heat when it comes to the most thrilling experiences and sickest winning action? Let’s dive in and compare these heavy hitters across the must-know deets. Time to settle this battle once and for all!

All About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play jumped into the game in 2015 and they ain’t playin’ around! These new kids on the block rep Malta and crank out slammin’ new slots on the regular.

We’re talking over 250 outrageous games so far like Big Bass Bonanza, Rocket Blast Megaways and Viking Forge that are straight addictive. Their secret sauce? Pragmatic keeps it fresh with lit features like tumbling reels and dope graphics that pop on desktop or mobile.

But for real, everything Pragmatic drops is fueled by innovation and made to get that coin. Their hype slots rack up awards and make players go wild with hype win potential up to 6,500X! Mad rewards for days!

Pragmatic keeps it 💯 when it comes to guest experience too. Their crew works nonstop to cook up the most crazed slots and sickest casino vibes 24/7. Bottom line? Don’t sleep on Pragmatic!

Check out the latest fire Pragmatic Play slots:

5 paylines, 5 reels, 5,000X max pay, 
Pragmatic Play

27 paylines, 3 reels, 5,000X max pay,
Pragmatic Play

Scatter Pays, 7 reels, 5,000X max pay, Pragmatic Play

1,024 paylines, 5 reels, 14,000X max pay,
Pragmatic Play

Scatter Pays, 7x7 reels, 10,000X max pay,
Pragmatic Play

Scatter Pays paylines, 6 reels, 5,000X max pay,
Pragmatic Play

NetEnt – OG Slot Kings Since the ’90s!

While Pragmatic is the new hotness, NetEnt has been running the online slot game since 1996! For 25+ years these OGs have dominated casinos with legendary slots like Jumanji, Gonzo’s Quest and Narcos.

With studios worldwide, NetEnt drops multiple instant classics every month featuring sick collabs with monster entertainment brands like Universal and Rockstar Games.

Their slots let you gamble like a VIP in environments straight from your favorite shows and movies!

NetEnt spits out next-level slots forged from cutting-edge tech that sparkles on desktop, mobile and tablets. Their master craftsmen create experiences that flow smooth as butter – just spin and win baby!

Peep the latest and greatest NetEnt slots:

20 paylines, 5 reels, 5,000X max pay,

Scatter pays (6x8 grid), 1332X max pay,  NetEnt 

Cluster pays paylines, 6 reels, 2000X max pay,  NetEnt 

Cluster pays paylines, 6x6 grid format reels, 10,020X max pay,  NetEnt 

Cluster pays paylines, 6 reels, 250X max pay,  NetEnt 

20 paylines, 5 reels, 10,000X max pay,  NetEnt 

Size of Slot Libraries

With so many years crushing the game, it ain’t surprising NetEnt’s built a giant slot library of over 230 games and counting!

But Pragmatic Play is expanding fast with 250+ orginal slots in just 7 years. These young guns got the momentum to catch up quick with new fiery slot concepts launching all the time!

Bottom line: Pragmatic Play got more slots…for now. But NetEnt is closing the gap fast with their nonstop grind!

Platform Accessibility

No one wants to be stuck gambling on their computer – mobile and tablet play is a must!

Pragmatic Play dropped stacks to optimize their games for lightning fast access on all iOS and Android devices. NetEnt’s also got mobile and desktop gaming on lock with flawless cross-platform play.

Both studios crush it here making their lit slots accessible for grinders chasing jackpots on the go!

The result: A draw – Pragmatic and NetEnt equally hook it up with platform options.


Players love chasing that cheddar, so massive jackpots are a must! This one’s not even close…

NetEnt is the undisputed jackpot BOSS! Their Mega Fortune slot holds the Guinness World Record for biggest online jackpot ever awarded – a whopping €17.9 MILLION!!! Even their “smaller” mega jackpot hauls are in the millions.

Pragmatic slots can still pay fixed jackpots up to 2500X your bet which is decent. But nothing compares to NetEnt’s legendary record-smashing networks.

Our pick: NetEnt’s jackpots take the cake by a massive margin.

Graphics and Themes

When it comes to pimped out themes and eye-popping visuals, NetEnt remains the don. Their slots look straight out of a big budget Hollywood blockbuster with lit effects.

Pragmatic slots rock colorful graphics too, but have a more cartoon vibe by comparison. Both fit the vibes, but NetEnt’s slots are untouchable works of art.

The verdict: NetEnt’s otherworldly graphics can’t be faked. But Pragmatic still impresses.

Bonus Features and Gameplay

Of course dope themes ain’t enough…the bonuses and gameplay gotta slap too!

Pragmatic stays cooking up fresh new features like tumbling reels and mad multipliers to trigger big wins. Their innovation game remains strong.

But when it comes to pioneering the most iconic slot features over decades, NetEnt is undefeated. Their slots set trends, not follow them. Expect insane extras like avalanche reels and expanding wilds that take gameplay to the next level.

The takeaway: NetEnt’s GOAT status gives them the edge in pioneering the most game-changing features.

Free Demos

Wanna test drive the hottest slots for free before betting real bucks? Both NetEnt and Pragmatic allow players to preview their full libraries in demo mode.

NetEnt does get bonus props for offering direct free play access on their website. With Pragmatic, you gotta hit up a partner casino first. Still, both make it happen so players can plan their strategies.

Our take: Slight edge to NetEnt for quicker free play. But either way you can try before you buy.

The Verdict

NetEnt has more street cred and experience…for now. But never sleep on Pragmatic! They grind hard to cook up the most insane slot innovations and experiences.

Newer Pragmatic joints serve up wicked potential payouts too, but NetEnt remains the jackpot boss. And their decades of domination in graphics, features and brand collabs ain’t slowing down either.

At the end of the day, these LEGENDS push each other to new levels of greatness. Their friendly competition constantly ups the ante, taking online slots to the next episode with every release. Players worldwide reap those benefits.

While personal taste splits who goes hardest, one thing is undisputed – NetEnt and Pragmatic Play make the MOST LIT ONLINE SLOTS! Their world-class catalogs fused together give every slots nut unbeatable thrills, value and entertainment.

The real winners? Us players, who get hyped by their Off. The. Chain. slots!

Written by: Vlad Hvalov
October 7, 2023

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