With its combination of cascading reels, generous payouts and immersive Viking theme, Viking Forge from Pragmatic Play promises to deliver an exciting and rewarding gameplay experience.

Viking Forge

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Viking Forge Viking Forge

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Enter the Mythic World of the Viking Forge Slot

The moment players enter the world of Viking Forge, they are transported to a fiery Norse landscape inhabited by fierce Viking warriors. Plumes of lava pour down the rocky terrain on either side of the reels, suggesting this forge was used by Vikings to craft weapons for battle and tools for daily life. The overall atmosphere created by the detailed graphics and soundtrack is one of mythic adventure.

Viking Forge - Gameplay and Symbols

Viking Forge Symbols and Paytable

The higher value symbols consist of thematically appropriate icons relating to Viking culture. These include a drinking horn overflowing with frothy ale, a sturdy iron sword, a heavy stone hammer and an intimidating Viking warrior wearing a horned helmet.

Watch me win 32X in free spin bonus rounds while playing Viking Forge

Despite evidence showing real Vikings never actually wore horned helmets, this myth still persists in popular culture. Lower paying symbols are represented by stylized Viking versions of the classic playing card suits, ranging from 10 through to Ace.

Landing 8 or more matching symbols on adjacent reels forms a winning combination, with no fixed paylines. Thanks to the scattered pays format, wins can be formed from any position on the 5 x 6 reel grid. The lack of a Wild symbol simply means players must rely on forming clusters of the higher paying standard symbols in order to achieve more substantial payouts.

The pays for standard symbols are as follows:

  • 10, J, Q, K, A: 3x to 8x for 12+ symbols
  • Drinking Horn: 10x for 12+ symbols
  • Sword: 20x for 12+ symbols
  • Hammer: 50x for 12+ symbols
  • Viking: 100x for 12+ symbols

This paytable provides frequent small wins from the lower value card symbols, while still offering solid payout potential from the higher symbols.

Golden Scatter Symbols

The Scatter symbol is depicted by a Viking warrior rendered in shimmering gold. This Scatter provides payouts based on the number landed:

  • 4 Scatters – 3x bet
  • 5 Scatters – 5x bet
  • 6 Scatters – 100x bet
Viking Forge Scatters

In addition to paying out directly, the Scatters also open the door to the lucrative Free Spins bonus round.

Engaging Features and Game Mechanics

Viking Forge incorporates several clever features that enhance gameplay during the base game and Free Spins round.

Tumbling Reels

The cascading wins or ‘Tumbling Reels’ mechanic adds excitement to every spin. Any winning combinations cause those symbols to vanish from the reels, with new symbols tumbling down to fill the empty spaces. This can lead to multiple consecutive wins from just a single spin, as the cascades continue until no more new winners are formed.

Coin Collection

A key feature in both the base game and Free Spins mode is the Coin Collection mechanic. This sees special gold coin symbols randomly overlayed on top of regular symbols on the reels. Coins that form part of a winning cluster have their values added to a running accumulator meter.

The coins can have either a multiplier value or a direct cash value attached. Multiplier coins of 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x the total bet substantially boost win amounts when they contribute to a win. Direct cash coins provide instant increments of 0.1x to 20x the total bet. At the end of a cascade, the total amount accumulated in the meter is awarded to the player on top of normal symbol payouts.

Buying Free Spins

Eager players can choose to Buy their way directly into the Free Spins bonus round by paying a set fee. This allows instant access to Free Spins without needing to wait to trigger them randomly during standard play.

Viking Forge - Free Spins

The cost to Buy Free Spins is 100x the bet amount. So at minimum bet, players can access Free Spins instantly for only 20.00. This provides excellent value given the potential to win hundreds of times the buy in amount during the Bonus Rounds.

Ante Bet Feature

Players also have the option to place an Ante Bet for an additional cost of 25% of the regular bet amount. This doubles the chance of triggering Free Spins during the base game. So for a small extra investment, players can significantly increase their odds of entering the Free Spins bonus round where major wins are up for grabs.

Viking Forge Free Spins Bonus Round

The Free Spins bonus round provides the biggest payout potential in the game, making it the feature to look out for. Landing 4 or more Scatter symbols is the key to unlocking Free Spins. The number of Scatters that appear dictates the number of spins awarded:

  • 4 Scatters – 10 Free Spins
  • 5 Scatters – 20 Free Spins
  • 6 Scatters – 30 Free Spins

The lucrative Coin Collection feature remains active during Free Spins. Any coins contributing to a win see their values added to the accumulating meter, which converts to a cash payout at the end of the round.

Moreover, extra Scatter symbols landing during Free Spins will re-trigger the bonus round, awarding an additional 5 Free Spins. This helps extend the duration of Free Spins, allowing more chances to accumulate substantial payouts.

To quantify the earning potential, let’s look at two example scenarios:

  1. Triggering Free Spins at minimum bet of 0.20 coins…
  • Getting 8 winning combinations per free spin at an average of 2x bet per win = 16x bet won per spin
  • Over 10 free spins this equates to 10 x 16 = 160x bet won from symbol payouts
  • Assuming conservative Coin Collection meter average of 50x bet
  • This brings estimated total earnings per bonus to 210x bet
  • As the minimum bet is 0.20, earnings of 210x 0.20 = 42 coins
  1. Triggering Free Spins at higher bet of 20 coins
  • Getting 8 winning combinations per free spin at 2x bet average = 16 * 20 = 320x bet per spin
  • Over 20 free spins this equates to 320 x 20 = 6400x bet from symbol payouts
  • Assuming Coin Collection averages 100x bet
  • Brings total estimated earnings per bonus to 6500x bet
  • As bet amount is 20, earnings of 6500 * 20 = 130,000 coins

These calculations demonstrate the immense earning potential during Free Spins, especially when playing at higher stakes. With multi-thousand x payouts possible, this bonus round can truly be where epic wins are achieved.

Viking Forge Volatility and Hit Frequency

This game has high variance, meaning substantial wins don’t come around frequently but have the potential to be very large when they do hit.

Viking Forge - Huge Win

The hit frequency during standard play is approximately once every 5 to 7 spins on average. In the Free Spins round, winning spins occur much more frequently.

Despite the high variance, the use of Tumbling Reels creates plenty of small wins to keep the entertainment factor high while waiting for those elusive mega payouts of 1000x+ bet.

Based on aggregated data, the maximum winning frequency averages approximately once every 250,000 spins. However due to the high volatility, actual results can differ dramatically. Some players may hit the max win multiple times within their first 100,000 spins. Others may play over 500,000 spins before landing that elusive 10,000x jackpot.

Ultimately, Viking Forge keeps players coming back to see if their next spin could unleash that life-changing max payout.

Viking Forge Slot Stats and Figures

  • Min bet: 0.20
  • Max bet: 125
  • Max payout: 10,000x bet
  • Hit frequency: 25%
  • RTP: 96.05%
  • Volatility: High

The considerable max payout potential combined with relatively high RTP provides a solid overall return for players. Betting flexibility with a max bet of 125 coins caters to varying bankroll sizes.

High volatility and generous payouts up to 10,000x bet give enthusiasts the chance to win big if they can ride out the swings between payouts.

For those seeking lower variance, Pragmatic Play slots like Magic Journey or Madame Destiny provide more frequent payouts at lower reward multiples. But for players who enjoy volatile, high energy slots with epic win potential, Viking Forge is a top choice.

Viking Forge Mobile Experience

This slot is fully optimized for mobile play, providing the same feature rich experience on smartphones and tablets. The graphics and animations have been expertly converted to retain their vibrant detail on smaller screens. Players can embark on their Viking adventure anywhere, with seamless mobile gameplay.

Control buttons have been adapted to suit intuitive touchscreen play. Options like changing bet amount, Autospin and Buy Bonus are just a tap away. Navigation remains straightforward whether playing in desktop or mobile format.

Visual Design and Audio

The visual presentation in Viking Forge is polished and engaging while remaining true to the Viking theme. The color scheme sticks to earthy tones like greys, browns and firey orange hues. Intricate details in the background graphics convey the ambience of an ancient Nordic setting.

Each symbol is distinctively designed with bold outlines and vibrant colors. The higher value symbols like the Viking warrior and hammer practically leap off the reels with their near-3D detailing. Even lower value card symbols have been stylized to fit the Viking aesthetic.

Smooth animations breathe life into each cascade, with symbols tumbling down fluidly after each win. Overall the graphics are visually appealing without being overly distracting from the core action.

Viking Forge Sound Design

An evocative orchestral soundtrack sets the tone for a mythic adventure as soon as the slot loads. Bold brass, drums and strings create a rousing melody fitting of an epic Viking saga. The music makes an ideal accompaniment to the atmospheric visuals throughout regular play.

Winning spins are emphasized with cymbal crashes, builds anticipation during symbol cascades. The sounds remain subtle enough not to become grating over long play sessions. An authentic Viking ambience is created via subtle environmental audio effects like distant bird calls and the crackling of lava flows.

Visual and Audio Synergy

Both the graphics and sounds work in tandem to provide a cohesive Viking-themed atmosphere. The fiery visuals and bold music transport the player straight into a Norse warrior fantasy. Yet the overall presentation remains unobtrusive, smoothly enhancing the core gameplay experience rather than overpowering it.

Pragmatic Play are masters of synergy between visuals and audio in their online slots. The same polished balance of stimulating aesthetics and gameplay flow is evident in popular Pragmatic titles like Sweet Bonanza and The Dog House Megaways.

Viking Forge – Final Review Roundup

For slot aficionados seeking their next thrilling gaming journey, Viking Forge hits all the right notes. With its cascading reels and customizable betting, the action stays smooth and engaging. Generous Free Spins payouts up to 10,000x the stake provide motivation to keep playing towards that elusive mega-win.

An increased chance of triggering Free Spins through the Ante Bet satisfies reward hunters willing to up their wager for greater volatility. Alternatively the instant gratification of buying straight into Free Spins caters to impatient players with adequate bankrolls.

Well-crafted aesthetics and refined mechanics from established provider Pragmatic Play result in an overall experience that balances entertainment with winning potential. While the hit frequency may be lower than some slots, when those big wins hit, they can be breathtakingly huge.

Ultimately, Viking Forge as a complete package promises to delight slot fans who enjoy highly volatile gameplay with huge payout possibilities. Those seeking a smoother ride may prefer a lower variance Pragmatic Play slot like Madame Destiny or Ladybird Luck.

But for daredevils who crave the thrill of highly rewarding features combined with epic payout potential, this Viking adventure delivers in spades.

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