Cluster Pay

Cluster Pay: A slot mechanic where any cluster of adjacent matching symbols on the reels pays out. Unlike traditional paylines, cluster pays do not require symbols to align on specific lines. Any cluster of a minimum number of matching symbols (often 4 or 5) anywhere on adjacent reels triggers a win. When a cluster pays out, those symbols disappear and new ones cascade down to fill the empty spots, potentially creating further wins.

Discover the dynamic world of Cluster Pay Slots. Explore popular free slots featuring this engaging feature and learn how it works.

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What are Cluster Pay Slots?

Cluster pays are a relatively new slot mechanic that replaces traditional paylines. Rather than winning combinations being based on symbols lining up on specific paylines, with cluster pays any cluster of matching symbols anywhere on the reels can award a payout.

This creates a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Wins can form in any direction – vertically, horizontally, or diagonally across the reels. Any time a winning cluster is formed, those symbols disappear and new ones cascade down to take their place, potentially creating further wins. This provides significantly more winning opportunities compared to payline slots.

Cluster pays also allow for visually captivating gameplay. With symbols bursting and fading in cascades, landing in various cluster formations across the reels, there is constant motion and activity. Animations, graphics, and sound effects further heighten the immersive experience.

By removing restrictive paylines and introducing flexible cluster mechanics, these slots offer a more exciting gameplay model with frequent payouts. The cascading wins and dynamic visual effects also enhance player engagement and enjoyment. Cluster pays exemplify how new slot innovations can provide a fun, rewarding gaming experience.

How to Play Cluster Pay Slots

Cluster pay slots have a straightforward gameplay mechanic. Rather than paylines, players simply need to form clusters of a minimum number of matching symbols, often four or five, anywhere on adjacent reels. The clusters can be in any shape – vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or more complex formations depending on the specific game.

When a winning cluster is formed, those symbols disappear from the reels in an animation. The remaining symbols shift position and new symbols cascade down to fill the empty spaces. This can potentially create further cluster wins. Play continues with symbols cascading after each win until no more winning formations remain.

Some cluster pay slots also incorporate additional bonus features such as multipliers that increase with each consecutive cascade, or free falls that award a number of free spins with extra cascades. The more cascades triggered, the higher the potential payouts.

The cluster pay mechanic creates an dynamic and engaging experience. Players simply need to form clusters of matching symbols, then watch them disappear and reform for multiple chances to win. The cascading reels provide ongoing anticipation and excitement as players wait to see where symbols will land after each cascade.

Exploring Popular Cluster Pay Slots

 Cluster Pays, 7 reels, 3,580X max pay, NetEnt

6x8 Cascading, Pay Anywhere, Max pay - 10000X Bgaming

Reels: 7x7 Ways to win: 49 Max Payout: $300,000
Vendor: Rival

6x5 layout, 5000X max pay

7x7 greed, 100 max bet, 7000X - max Win Vendor - Play'n Go  

7 reels, 10000X max win Pragmatic Play

Scatter Pays, 7x7 reels, 10,000X max pay,
Pragmatic Play

Cluster pays paylines, 9 reels, 2,500X max pay,

Scatter pays (6x8 grid), 1332X max pay,  NetEnt 

Reels: 7, Max pay - 5,000x bet, Vendor -  Pragmatic Play

6X6 Cluster field, 5000X max pay

Pragmatic play

6x6 reels, 21,248x the total bet amount


7x7 Cascading, Pay Anywhere, Max pay - 12000X Bgaming

7x7  grid, 5,083x max pay,

Vendor - Play'n Go

Reels: 7, Ways to win: Cluster Pays, Max Payout: 5,000x stake, Vendor: Pragmatic Play

Scatter Pays, 7 reels, 5,000X max pay, Pragmatic Play

6x6 reels, 5 bonus features, 10 000X max pay. Vendor - Yggdrasil

Reels: 6, Max pay - 15,000x bet, Vendor -  Pragmatic Play

5x5 table,  reels, 4000 paylines, arcade fighting , NetEnt

6x6 reels, pay anywhere, 5 000X - max pay Pragmatic Play

6x5 reel grid, 8 paylines, 21100X - max pay Pragmatic Play

5x5 reels, 7 500X max win,

Pragmatic Play

5x6 reels, pay anywhere, 10 000X - max pay,
Pragmatic Play

Scatter pays paylines, 6 reels, 10,000X max pay,  Pragmatic Play 

Scatter Pays, 6 reels, 1,108X max pay,
Powderkeg Studios

5x6 Cascading, Pay Anywhere, Max pay - 15.000X

7x7 reels, Tumbling Wins. Vendor - Pragmatic Play

Cluster Pay slots provide a compelling new take on traditional slot gameplay. By replacing rigid paylines with flexible cluster formations, wins can occur more frequently and in multiple directions. This creates constant anticipation and excitement as players watch symbols cascade down the reels after each win.

Cluster Pays

The action-packed cluster mechanic combined with visually mesmerizing animations and effects make for an immersive, engaging experience. Players also benefit from the increased winning potential through the cascading reels which keep playing until no more clusters can be formed.

With innovative features that enhance both gameplay and visual appeal, Cluster Pay slots exemplify how new slot formats can create a fun and rewarding experience for players. Their cluster mechanic unleashes greater winning potential while retaining easy, straightforward gameplay.

Exploring the wide selection of Cluster Pay slots available allows players to find themes and designs that best match their preferences. For those seeking slots with a modern, dynamic format, Cluster Pay games are definitely worth experiencing first-hand.


How are Cluster Pays different from regular slot paylines?

With regular paylines, symbols must line up along specific straight lines on the reels to win. Cluster Pays allow symbols to form payout clusters in any shape – vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in more complex formations. This provides many more winning possibilities.

How do Cluster Pays work?

When a cluster of 4+ matching symbols forms, those symbols disappear or explode, and the remaining symbols shift and cascade down to fill the empty spaces. This creates the opportunity for additional cluster pays if the cascading symbols form more winning clusters.

In which directions can Cluster Pays be formed?

Cluster Pays can form vertically, horizontally, diagonally both ways, and even in irregular shapes across the reels as long as the matching symbols are adjacent to each other. This allows wins to form frequently in multiple directions.

What causes the cascading reels effect?

When a cluster pay is triggered, those symbols disappear from the reels. The remaining symbols shift and fall into the empty spaces, creating the cascading effect. This adds excitement as players await the outcome after each cascade.

What is the minimum required size for a Cluster Pay?

The minimum cluster size varies across games, but usually requires 4 or 5 adjacent matching symbols. Some games allow smaller cluster sizes during bonus features. The required size is indicated in each game’s rules.

How are payouts calculated for Cluster Pays?

Payouts are based on the size of the cluster – the more matching symbols, the higher the payout. Some games also feature increasing multipliers after each consecutive cascade.

Can Cluster Pays trigger slot bonus features?

Yes, many slots with Cluster Pays have additional bonus features like free spins, re-spins, multipliers, and mini games that can be triggered by hitting scatters or getting special cascade outcomes.

Who created the original Cluster Pay slot games?

NetEnt is credited with first introducing Cluster Pays in their popular Starburst slot in 2012, which helped popularize the mechanic. Other leading providers like Yggdrasil now also develop Cluster Pay games.