Crocodile Hunt

The game features a jungle-themed, low-volatility slot with 7 reels and a cluster pays system. It offers a maximum win of $300,000.00, a variety of bonus features, and was released in November 2023. The RTP is 93.88%, and the minimum bet is $0.10, while the maximum bet is $30.

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Crocodile Hunt Crocodile Hunt

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Crocodile Hunt Slot Review

Step into the untamed wilderness and embark on a thrilling jungle adventure with Rival Gaming’s new Crocodile Hunt online slot. This exotic game transports players deep into lush tropical rainforests on a quest to uncover hidden treasures and fortunes. With its vibrant graphics, immersive sounds, and innovative features, Crocodile Hunt delivers an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience that will leave players buzzing with excitement.

In this action-packed slot, Rival Gaming utilizes a cascading wins mechanism and 7×7 reel layout to create ample winning potential. Players must form clusters of 5 or more matching symbols, with wins paying both horizontally and vertically across the expanded game grid. A vibrant cast of gemstone symbols populate the reels, bursting with color and vibrancy. Winning clusters disappear in spectacular fashion, with new symbols cascading down to replace them and trigger even more wins.

But the real star of the show is the Snap ‘n’ Stack feature, which incorporates a multiplier that increases exponentially with each successive cascade. This innovative mechanic amps up the excitement, allowing players’ winnings to escalate dramatically with the potential to reach an astounding 64x multiplier.

Theme and Visuals

Crocodile Hunt incorporates intricate rainforest graphics and immersive sounds. The environment contains vegetation, wildlife, relics, and a crocodile next to the reels. Vibrant colors and detailed animations depict the lush jungle setting. Audio effects like bird calls and flowing water enhance realism. Stone idols and vines reflect past explorers. The crocodile surveying the reels adds excitement. Rival Gaming optimized a visually stunning world with lively sights and sounds to fully immerse players in the jungle adventure.

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Crocodile Hunt Slot
Crocodile Hunt Slot

Reel Grid and Betting

Crocodile Hunt uses a 7×7 reel grid versus standard 5×3 slots to enable more symbol positions and cluster combinations for cascading wins. The game has 49 fixed paylines with bets ranging from $0.10 to $30 per spin, accommodating varying bankrolls. Players can also utilize autoplay for automated betting.

Instead of traditional paylines, Crocodile Hunt incorporates a dynamic cluster pays system. Wins require landing 5+ matching symbols horizontally or vertically. Larger clusters provide bigger payouts, incentivizing expanded symbol groups. Non-winning cascades count as losing spins.

Even small 5-symbol clusters can register wins during gameplay. The expanded grid allows major cascading chain reactions and potentially massive cluster pay events. Players enjoy engaging base game play while awaiting main features.

Overall, the 7×7 grid provides frequent cluster pays and action-packed excitement. Coupled with adjustable betting and a low minimum wager, Crocodile Hunt suits players across bankroll levels seeking entertaining base game play.

Symbols and Payouts

Crocodile Hunt contains vibrant gemstone symbols in a variety of colors and designs. More ornate gems offer higher payouts than plainer icons.

Winning clusters require 5+ adjacent matching gems. Explosive animations accompany disappearing clusters, giving way to potential new wins. The crocodile scatter activates free spins. A multi-colored gem functions as the wild, frequently substituting in clusters.

Payouts scale based on cluster size. The maximum prizes come from filling reel sections with matching gems, enabled by cascading wins. The game’s colorful gems create visually stunning winning clusters when they disappear.

Overall, the varied gem symbols and cascading win animations provide captivating gameplay while awaiting bonus features.

Special Features

Crocodile Hunt contains features that add excitement and opportunities for substantial wins:

Snap ‘n’ Stack Multiplier

This multipler starts at 2x and doubles with each successive cascade, reaching a maximum of 64x. However, non-winning cascades reset it to 2x. The dynamic multiplier quickly escalates payouts during cascades.

Free Spins

Green crocodile scatters activate free spins when landing 3+ times. Three scatters provides 10 spins up to a maximum 30 spins for seven scatters. Cascade wins start at 2x multipliers during free spins. Like the base game, multipliers can continue increasing with consecutive wins. Escalating free spin multipliers allow huge jackpot potential.

Wild Symbol

The multicolored wild frequently substitutes in clusters to complete more wins. With cascading wins, players can expect abundant wilds during free spins. Wilds combined with increasing multipliers make free spins highly rewarding.

These features synergize to offer tremendous win potential beyond the engaging base game. Free spins and stacking multipliers allow players to achieve epic wins.

Volatility and RTP

Crocodile Hunt has low volatility for frequent small and medium cluster pays rather than sporadic big payouts. However, special features can still trigger larger wins.

The cascading format inherently provides frequent wins when new cascades occur. Combined with cluster pays, players benefit from regular mini cluster payouts. The 7×7 grid enables more winning symbol clusters per cascade.

Major wins largely stem from the multiplier, rapidly enhancing payouts during consecutive winning cascades. Free spins also offer big rewards through starting multipliers and expanding wilds.

While small wins arrive steadily, players can utilize features to unlock the slot’s sizable pay potential. This low volatility fits the jungle adventure theme with consistent payouts. The 94.23% RTP aligns with top Rival slots.

Crocodile Hunt Review Summary

Crocodile Hunt captures the excitement of a jungle treasure hunt through its rainforest theme, innovative mechanics, and special features. The cascading symbol format and cluster pays system provide frequent small wins to fund the adventure. Evolving multipliers and lucrative free spins offer epic win potential for patient players.

Despite not offering the biggest individual payouts, the consistent wins and thoughtful gameplay accommodate varying betting styles. Both casual and high stakes players can enjoy the low volatility and entertainment value for extended play.

The 7×7 grid and immersive jungle environment create a unique slot experience. Massive symbol clusters, escalating multipliers, and big free spin wins inject variety and spontaneity.

Crocodile Hunt succeeds as an exciting jungle-themed slot with frequent wins to sustain engagement. With family-friendly entertainment, optimized cross-device playability, and creative mechanics, it hits the mark for slot fans.

With its creativity, execution, and enjoyment factor, Crocodile Hunt earns a 5-star rating. Players can embark on a rewarding jungle expedition at leading online and mobile casinos. It appeals to all slot fans with its casual-friendly gameplay and genuine big win potential.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov