Thunderstruck 2 MegaMolah Slot is free and fun

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah is a Norse mythology themed online slot with 5 reels, 243 ways to win, and medium volatility. It features unlockable free spins modes and the chance to win the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot starting at $1 million. Overall, it combines the popular gameplay of Thunderstruck 2 with the appeal of big jackpot prizes.

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Thunderstruck 2 Mega Moolah Slot Review

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah is an online video slot created by Microgaming. Released in 2021, it is an upgraded version of the original Thunderstruck 2 slot from 2010, now integrated with Microgaming’s four-tier Mega Moolah progressive jackpot system.

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah has a Norse mythology theme set in Asgard, realm of the gods. The visual design depicts Odin, Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and other Norse figures against a backdrop of magical forests and stone temples. The soundtrack features dramatic orchestral music to match the legendary setting. The overall presentation aims to transport players to a mythological Nordic world.

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah is classified as a medium volatility slot. Volatility refers to the risk profile – low volatility slots provide frequent smaller wins, while high volatility slots have less frequent but larger wins. Medium volatility indicates a balance of moderate risk and payout size.

Thunderstruck 2 Mega Moolah Slot, Volatility & RTP, Highest Payout

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah has medium volatility. The RTP percentage is 93.38%. This is below average compared to most slots, which range from 95-97% RTP. Of the total percentage, 5.3% funds the progressive jackpots. Lower RTP slots offer reduced regular payouts in exchange for access to larger jackpot prizes.

The maximum win outside the Mega Moolah jackpots is 8000 times the bet amount. With a maximum bet of £24, the top base game payout is £192,000. The Mega progressive usually seeds at a minimum of £1 million, significantly exceeding the base game maximum.

Thunderstruck 2 Mega Moolah Slot Layout & Symbol Values

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah uses a standard 5 reel, 3 row layout with 243 ways to win. Payouts are awarded for matching 3 or more adjacent symbols from left to right. There are no fixed paylines – any combination of matching symbols on consecutive reels starting from the leftmost reel triggers a win.

The lower value symbols are the playing card suits from 9 to Ace. Three 9 symbols pay 0.16 times the bet amount. The premium Norse-themed symbols offer higher payouts – three Odin or Loki symbols pay 1 times bet, while three Thor symbols pay 1 times bet. Thor delivers the top symbol payouts – five Thors pay 16.67 times the bet.

Thunderstruck 2 Mega Moolah Casinos

Quick informations

The Thunderstruck 2 logo acts as the wild, substituting for all symbols except scatters to make winning combinations. All wins including a wild symbol are doubled. The bonus scatter is Thor’s Hammer – three or more scatters anywhere trigger the free spins feature. Scatter wins are also paid from the paytable.

Special Features of Thunderstruck 2 Mega Moolah

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah incorporates several bonus features:

Wildstorm – Randomly during the base game, lightning may strike the reels turning 1 or more reels completely wild. 5 wild reels pays the 8000x max win.

Great Hall of Spins – Landing 3+ scatters starts this free spins feature with 4 different unlockable modes: Valkyrie (10 spins + 5x wins), Loki (15 spins + Wild Magic), Odin (20 spins + Wild Raven), and Thor (25 spins + Rolling Reels).

Wild Magic – Transforms random symbols to wilds during Loki free spins.

Wild Raven – Adds 2x/3x multipliers to wilds during Odin free spins.

Rolling Reels – Cascading wins with increasing multiplier during Thor free spins.

Mega Moolah – Randomly triggers wheel spin for one of four jackpots, including the Mega progressive starting at £1 million.

These features aim to add excitement through retriggers, multipliers, extra wilds, and the allure of the huge progressive jackpot.

Free Spins Details

The Great Hall of Spins is the main free spins feature. It is unlocked by landing 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Initially only the Valkyrie mode is available, awarding 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier applied to all payouts.

The 3 other free spin variants unlock after triggering the feature 5, 10 and 15 times respectively:

  • Loki (15 spins) – introduces the Wild Magic feature which randomly transforms symbols into extra wilds for bigger wins. Scatter symbols also retrigger more free spins during this mode.
  • Odin (20 spins) – sees Odin’s Ravens fly onto the reels turning symbols wild and adding 2x or 3x multipliers to wild win values.
  • Thor (25 spins) – activates the Rolling Reels mechanic. Any winning spin sees the won symbols disappear and new ones cascade down with increasing win multipliers up to 5x.

These modes allow players to experience the different free spins variants and can lead to significant cumulative payouts from the various multipliers, extra wilds, and retrigger chances.

Responsible Gambling

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah is intended for entertainment purposes only for those aged 18 and over. The game involves chance, odds, and luck. Results cannot be predicted or manipulated. Playing carries monetary risk, and players must set affordable budgets based on personal circumstances. Useful tools include setting deposit, loss, and wager limits, or taking self-exclusion breaks. Playing responsibly means gambling within affordable means. Help is available for those experiencing problems via organizations like GamCare.

Analysis & Comparisons

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah combines the proven, popular gameplay of the original Thunderstruck 2 slot with the significant added appeal of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpots. Lower RTP is the tradeoff for access to multimillion-pound prizes. The medium volatility and mix of features provide a balanced, exciting experience. While not hugely innovative, the upgrade seamlessly integrates jackpots while retaining the Norse theme appeal.

Comparable slots include Immortal Romance: Mega Moolah by Microgaming and Age of the Gods: Norse King of Asgard by Playtech – both Norse-themed medium-high volatility slots with jackpots. However, Thunderstruck 2 stands out with more interesting free spins variants and higher production value.

Comparing Similar Slots

Some comparable slots to Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah in theme and features:

  • Age of Asgard (Yggdrasil) – Also Norse mythology themed with free spins modes based on gods. 96% RTP but no jackpot.
  • Immortal Romance: Mega Moolah (Microgaming) – Another classic slot upgraded with Mega Moolah jackpots. 94.5% RTP. Vampire theme instead of Norse.
  • Divine Fortune (NetEnt) – Greek mythology styled slot with falling wild re-spins and local jackpot up to 100,000 times bet. 96.6% RTP. No Mega Moolah.

Thunderstruck 2 is distinguished by its polished presentation, range of free spins features, and access to multimillion jackpots with medium volatility.

Evaluating Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah’s Pros and Cons

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah has both advantageous features and limitations that are important to weigh when assessing the game.

On the positive side, Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah offers:

  • Engaging Norse mythology theme and polished presentation, including cinematic graphics and an orchestral soundtrack that excel at evoking the legendary setting.
  • A good variety of special features like Wildstorm, the unlockable Great Hall of Spins free games, and the four-tier Mega Moolah jackpot system. These provide varied gameplay.
  • Medium volatility that strikes a reasonable balance between risk and reward for many players. Landing big wins feels achievable but still special.
  • Potential for huge jackpot prizes starting at $1 million for the Mega progressive, life-changing sums unavailable in the original Thunderstruck 2 game.
  • Strong legacy appeal for fans of the original Thunderstruck 2 slot who will welcome the Mega Moolah jackpot addition while keeping core mechanics intact.

However, Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah does have some limitations including:

  • A below average RTP of 93.38%, lowered by the Mega Moolah fund contribution. This means reduced chances of regular payouts.
  • A limited maximum win of 8000x bet in the base game. Some players expect bigger potential payouts from medium volatility slots.
  • The Mega Moolah jackpot chance is still relatively low and tied to higher bets, so casual players may overlook the appeal.
  • Besides the jackpot addition, the game lacks innovation compared to modern slots. The original is over a decade old.

Overall, Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah provides an exciting Norse-themed experience and Mega Moolah jackpot access, but the dated design and below average RTP may discourage some players. Evaluating its merits and limitations can help players make an informed choice.

Try the Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah free demo

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah has a free demo version available to play right on this game page. The free demo is highly recommended for players to try before playing for real money.

Playing the Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah demo offers several benefits:

  • It allows players to experience the slot’s features and gameplay first-hand without any financial risk. Players can take time getting accustomed to the various bonuses and mechanics.
  • The free play mode enables players to test different betting strategies and learn how features like the free spins are triggered before playing for cash stakes. This helps develop skills and knowledge applicable to real money play.
  • Playing free demos assists players in assessing if they personally enjoy the game and its volatility level before committing real funds. It also lets players sample the RTP and hit frequency in practice mode.
  • For casual players, the Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah demo may provide sufficient entertainment without the need for real money gambling. The free play mode still captures the game’s atmosphere and visuals for entertainment purposes.
  • The risk-free environment of free play is ideal for newer players to become comfortable with slots before transitioning to real stakes. It serves as a training ground to build experience.

Taking time to try the Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah free demo is strongly advised. It enables methodically exploring everything this slot has to offer for an optimal experience later when playing for real.

Mobile Gameplay

Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah is optimized for mobile play on modern smartphones and tablets. The interface easily translates to smaller touchscreens in portrait or landscape orientation with no quality loss. Mobile gameplay is smooth and intuitive, allowing Thunderstruck 2’s features to be experienced anywhere.

Useful tips and strategies for Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah:

  • Bet higher to increase jackpot chance. Mega Moolah triggers more at max bet.
  • Manage bankroll across many rounds rather than short big sessions to extend playtime.
  • Try Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah free play mode first to learn features before betting real money.
  • Triggering free spins often takes patience. Keep spinning to unlock all variants.
  • Focus first on unlocking Valkyrie, then Loki free spins for best payout potential.
  • Use autoplay for hands-free play but monitor results and adjust wagers accordingly.
  • Set win/loss limits and walk away once reached. Don’t chase losses.
  • Maximise chances of the 8000 times bet maximum via Wildstorm and Loki free spins.

Following sensible strategies allows players to enhance jackpot prospects and maximize entertainment value from their bankroll.

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck slot series

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck series, forged in the fires of 2004, has resonated with players for its epic theme, immersive gameplay, and potential for thunderous wins. Each slot embodies the mighty Thor, Norse god of thunder, in its own electrifying way.

From humble beginnings to modern marvels:

  • Thunderstruck (2004): The progenitor. Classic 5-reel, 9-payline gameplay. Bonus features: free spins with 3x multipliers and rewarding wilds. RTP: 96%. A timeless legend that laid the foundation.
  • Thunderstruck II (2010): The evolution. 5 reels, 243 ways to win. Bonus features: Wildstorm, Great Hall of Spins with 4 unlockable levels, and lucrative wilds. RTP: 96.64%. Expanded win potential and thematic depth.
  • Thunderstruck II Mega Moolah (2014): The jackpot titan. 5 reels, 3 rows. Bonus features: Great Hall of Spins, Wildstorm, and the coveted progressive Mega Moolah Jackpot. RTP: 92.01%. High volatility and the lure of life-changing payouts.
  • Thunderstruck Wild Lightning (2021): The fiery successor. 5 reels, 4 rows. Bonus features: Link&Win streak respins with jackpots up to 15,000x, 5 unlockable bonus rounds, and Wild Lightning multipliers. RTP: 96.10%. Innovative mechanics and thrilling potential.
  • Thunderstruck Stormchaser (2022): The storm bringer. 5 reels, 4 rows. Bonus features: Wilds, scatters, multipliers, Rolling Reels, Wildstorm, free spins, and Bonus Buy option. RTP: 96.10%. High volatility and cascading wins for a modern twist.

Similarities that bind:

  • Norse Mythology Theme: Each slot depicts Thor and his mythical realm, Asgard, with stunning visuals and thematic soundtracks.
  • Bonus Round Focus: All slots feature engaging bonus rounds that unlock free spins, multipliers, and potential for significant wins.
  • Volatility Spectrum: The series caters to diverse preferences, offering slots with medium volatility for balanced play and high volatility for thrilling, albeit riskier, adventures.

Differences that define:

  • Gameplay Mechanics: From classic paylines to modern win-all-ways and innovative Link&Win features, each slot boasts unique mechanisms.
  • Bonus Round Variety: Ranging from the Great Hall of Spins to unlockable levels and Link&Win respins, the bonus rounds offer diverse experiences.
  • RTP and Volatility: RTPs range from 92.01% to 96.64%, while volatility spans from medium to high, catering to individual risk tolerance.
  • Jackpot Potential: Only Thunderstruck II Mega Moolah offers the life-changing allure of the progressive Mega Moolah Jackpot.

The Thunderstruck legacy:

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck series continues to electrify players with its evolution of gameplay, captivating theme, and exhilarating winning potential. From the classic charm of the original to the cutting-edge features of Wild Lightning and Stormchaser, each slot embodies the thunderous spirit of Thor, offering an immersive journey through Norse mythology with the promise of electrifying wins.

Playing Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah at Online Casinos

When playing real money slots like Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah, choosing a trusted online casino is important. Reputable sites offer players certain benefits.

Many online casinos provide attractive welcome bonuses when creating a new account. These often match a percentage of the player’s initial deposit up to a certain amount. Some casinos also give free spins to use on select slots. These bonuses effectively boost a player’s starting bankroll. However, terms and conditions apply which players should review before participating.

In addition to signup promotions, casinos frequently run ongoing bonus programs and loyalty schemes for returning customers. These can include cashback offers, free spins, prize draws, and more. Players are advised to check a casino’s current promotions before playing Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah.

While bonuses provide value, responsible gambling practices remain essential. Players must set affordable budgets and limits based on their personal circumstances. Other tools like self-exclusion are available at many sites. Support is also offered by organizations like GamCare for those experiencing problems.

Choosing reputable casinos with strong licenses, security, and responsible gambling policies ensures the best environment for playing exciting slots like Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah online. However, players must ultimately practice moderation and stay within their means.

Recommended Casinos for Thunderstruck 2: Mega Moolah

By: Vlad Hvalov, Online Slots Enthusiast