Sword of Ares

The “Sword of Ares” slot by Pragmatic Play features an Ancient Greek and Mythology theme with 6 reels and 20 paylines. Released in October 2022, the game offers a “tumble feature” where winning symbols are removed and replaced with new ones, potentially leading to multiple consecutive wins. The “Multiplier Collection” feature unlocks increasing multipliers up to 15x when specific milestones are achieved.

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Sword of Ares Sword of Ares

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Sword of Ares Slot Review

Pragmatic Play’s Sword of Ares online slot game immerses players in ancient Greek mythology. The developer crafted vivid graphics and booming sounds that evoke Mount Olympus. Powerful symbols like winged helmets and legendary chariots spin across the reels. The slot aims to electrify through features like cascading reels and free spins. We review key attributes to evaluate the engaging and rewarding gameplay.

The visual presentation interweaves the symbols, characters, colors and sounds to resonate with myths. The backdrop shows a temple in celestial skies, encapsulating Mount Olympus. The mighty Ares observed beside the reels. Vibrant golds, purples and blues enrich the aesthetics. Triumphant chimes highlight wins. The slot strives to fully immerse players in Greek mythology across devices.

A distinctive highlight is the astronomical 10,000x maximum win. At the €100 max bet, top wins can reach €1 million. The slot competes through immense rewards. Features like Multiplier Collections up to 500x during Free Spins facilitate the incredible ceiling. Standard video slots seldom provide such earning potential. For players motivated by gigantic payouts, Sword of Ares delivers.

Tumbling reels replace spinning reels. Winning symbols disappear and new ones cascade down, enabling chain reactions. The Free Spins bonus triggers when landing four or more Ares scatters. It awards 15 free games with expanding multipliers to dramatically boost earnings. An Ante Bet provides risk-reward play to enhance features. The game incorporates layered mechanics aimed at an electrifying experience.

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Quick informations

Symbol Values

Like any great slot adventure, success in Sword of Ares is underpinned by astute comprehension of the symbols populating the reels. The varied cast of icons form the intricate paytable web where fortunes are spun, and mastery of their relationships is key to maximizing payouts.

The Tumbling Reels mechanic replaces traditional spinning reels.
Free Spins are triggered by landing 4 or more golden Ares scatter symbols

The higher-paying symbols present items directly linked to Greek warrior mythology. The winged helmet offers the biggest payouts for hitting 5-of-a-kind combinations, followed by the chariot, sword and shield symbols. On the lower end, sparkling gems in blue, green, purple and red colors deliver smaller but more frequent wins.

An interesting dynamic is the inclusion of numbered multiplier symbols that appear during the Free Spins mode. These operate in tandem with standard symbols – any multiplier icons that land can dramatically boost the payouts achieved by adjacent matching symbols.

The Ares scatter symbol is invaluable for triggering the Free Spins bonus when hitting 4 or more. This makes the scatter one of the most coveted symbols, despite not directly paying out based on combinations. Overall, a diversity of high and low variance symbols intersect to provide a balanced flow of small routine wins and setup huge boosted payouts through multipliers.

Special Features

Sword of Ares incorporates several special features that provide enhanced player engagement, payout potential and entertainment factor. These elements effectively supplement the base gameplay to deliver a multi-layered gambling experience.

The Tumbling Reels mechanic replaces traditional spinning reels. Whenever a winning combination lands, those symbols disappear and new symbols cascade down to fill the gaps, setting up potential for additional wins. This creates fast-paced excitement and the chance to compound earnings from a single spin.

Free Spins are triggered by landing 4 or more golden Ares scatter symbols. This awards 15 free spins with expanding multiplier potential through the Multiplier Collection feature. Free Spins can also be retriggered by landing more scatters, adding to the fun.

The Multiplier Collection mechanic is active during the tumbling sequences in the base game and Free Spins. Whenever matching symbols are exploded, they contribute to filling up a meter shown at the top of the screen.

Once particular thresholds are reached, up to 6 locked multipliers valued from 50x to 500x will be unlocked. These then get applied to any wins, enabling tremendous payouts. This adds a tactical element as players aim to detonate more symbols to release bigger multipliers.

An Ante Bet feature allows players to pay extra to enhance the active features during the base game. At 2x ante bet, multipliers in the collection meter rise up to 50x, while 4x ante bet pushes multipliers to 150x. This paid feature adds an engaging risk-reward dynamic.

A Bonus Buy option is also available, enabling instant access to 15 Free Spins by paying a 100x bet fee. This caters to impatient players willing to pay a premium to skip right into the main event.

Overall, these thoughtfully designed features coalesce into an engaging gameplay package brimming with possibilities.

Free Spins can also be retriggered by landing more scatters, gifting additional free games.
Free Spins bonus takes the engaging features of Sword of Ares and amplifies them to dramatic new heights

Free Spins Details

The Free Spins bonus round is the gateway to fortunes in Sword of Ares, making it valuable to understand the inner workings of this lucrative feature. Free Spins are triggered by landing 4 or more shimmering Ares scatter symbols, awarding 15 free spins instantly.

From the outset, Free Spins provide enhanced win potential through the Multiplier Collection mechanic. During each tumbling sequence, any exploded symbols contribute to filling the collection meter above the reels even faster than the base game.

In Free Spins, the meter has 6 locked multipliers to unlock, starting at 50x and culminating in an epic 500x top multiplier. Compared to just 100 needed for the maximum 15x multiplier in base play, this demonstrates the tremendous boost provided by Free Spins.

The Tumbling Reels feature also remains active during Free Spins. With each tumble having the potential to unlock a bigger multiplier, the stakes keep escalating. When lucrative high-paying symbols then land such as winged helmets, the combined multiplier can transform them into monstrous payouts.

Free Spins can also be retriggered by landing more scatters, gifting additional free games. There is no limit here, allowing lucky players to prolong their stay in the lucrative bonus round through successive retriggers. This opens the door to truly astronomical win potential.

In summary, the Free Spins bonus takes the engaging features of Sword of Ares and amplifies them to dramatic new heights. The expanded multipliers and retrigger potential combine to make Free Spins the perfect storm for exploding winnings. Just one bonus round with multiple retriggers and max multipliers can transform balances in an instant.

Analysis & Comparisons

How does Sword of Ares compare with other titles in the competitive sphere of mythology-themed online slots? We weighed key attributes like theme execution, volatility, features and reward potential to gauge how Sword of Ares stacks up.

In terms of conveying an immersive Greek mythology world, Sword of Ares excels with its vivid characters, symbols and backdrop. The gameplay also mimics battling mythical beasts with its explosive wins. However, other games like Power of Gods: The Pantheon and Legend of the White Snake embellish their worlds through advanced 3D graphics and animated characters on the reels.

Regarding features, Sword of Ares hits the mark with Tumbling Reels, Free Spins and Multipliers to enrich gameplay. Power of Gods takes a more innovative approach with its Godly Powers system that incorporates varied expanding reels, multipliers and perks tied to specific Greek gods. Ultimately, both games succeed in crafting layered features that amplify rewards.

For volatility and payout potential, Sword of Ares is a standout, offering epic 10,000x top wins and a high variance experience. This exceeds most competitors like Hercules Son of Zeus (2,500x max win) and puts it closer to the progressive jackpot ceiling of slots like Divine Fortune MegaWays. Overall, Sword of Ares provides more volatility and greater reward prospects.


In closing, our Sword of Ares slot review reveals an online gaming odyssey that soars as an exemplar of the ancient Greek mythology genre. The lavish graphics and booming soundtrack transport players straight into the pantheon of gods, ripe for heavenly rewards.

Core advantages that position Sword of Ares as a premier title include the explosive 10,000x maximum win potential, electrifying features like Tumbling Reels and Free Spins, and tremendous versatility covering low to high variance gameplay. The 96.4% RTP is also higher than average, ensuring robust return-to-player over extended play.

In terms of drawbacks, some players may find the visuals and audio a touch outdated when compared with modern 3D slots. Additionally, the lack of progressive jackpots puts a hard ceiling on payout possibilities. However, within the defined maximum win, Sword of Ares still empowers tremendous results through its features.

Overall, Sword of Ares encapsulates what an exemplary online slot should be – an exciting theme executed with care, engaging gameplay mechanics, volatility to satisfy all appetites, and lucrative payout potential. The abundant special features maintain freshness over repeated play. For mythology and slots aficionados alike, Sword of Ares is a divine choice worthy of conquest.

While slots like Power of Gods: The Pantheon and Legend of the White Snake provide immersive adventures with alternate takes on mythology, Sword of Ares reigns supreme in delivering core gameplay innovation blended with big win possibilities. Pragmatic Play has forged an epic experience where players can etch their names in legend and be showered with gifts worthy of gods.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov