Starburst by NetEnt

Starburst is a video slot developed by NetEnt in 2012. It features a space and jewels theme across five reels and ten paylines with both ways pays. Game incorporates low volatility, 96.09% RTP and maximum potential 5000x bet wins. Main feature is expanding wilds on middle three reels triggering respins.

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Starburst Starburst

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Starburst Slot Review

Starburst launched by NetEnt in 2012 features galactic theme with colorful jewels floating in space. Despite unassuming graphics and straightforward gameplay with one bonus, it has achieved iconic status as one of most played and popular online slots. Its simplistic presentation and approachability built on principles of low volatility and consistency have powerfully resonated with public. Many developers produced own versions to capitalize on its appeal but none replicated its enduring magic decade after original release.

Theme and Setting

Starburst features tranquil vastness of space backdrop with subtly glittering galaxy behind reels. Brightly colored purple, red, green, blue and yellow jewels scatter across starfield. Retro vintage presentation style fuses gems and galaxies. Graphics not as advanced as contemporary slots but understated charm of color scheme has remarkably stood test of time.

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Visuals feature soothing, almost hypnotic quality with ambient cosmic audio creating immersive atmosphere perfect for chilling out. This adds to nostalgia factor by evoking memories of beloved classic slots with similarly minimalist yet appealing aesthetics. Despite major advances in graphics, animation and sound design since launch, Starburst retains surprising degree of aesthetic integrity. Rather than looking obviously dated, presentation feels pleasantly retro.

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Quick informations

This demonstrates how technological superiority alone does not always eclipse more modest visual approaches, especially when incorporated seamlessly into areas like theme. Starburst’s drifting jewels in space motif and matching visual identity gently sparkles rather than overwhelms senses. By not focusing exclusively on advanced graphics, Starburst emphasizes escapism and gameplay longevity rather than cutting-edge imagery easily eclipsed by next graphical innovation.

Reel Layout

Starburst features conventional 5 reel, 3 row layout with 10 fixed paylines and innovation of wins evaluated both left to right and right to left, effectively doubling ways to score wins and adding to approachability. Transparent reels highlight design continuity between symbols and glittering starfield background. Jeweled symbols stand out cleanly producing cohesive effect.

Prominently displaying five differently colored jewels along sides clearly identifies corresponding values, an intuitive design choice making symbol worths easy to immediately discern. This reduces cognitive load, streamlining understanding of pay scales. Unnecessary complexity hinders enjoyment for casual gaming, so simplifying symbolic relationships enables faster comprehension.

Likewise, isolated BAR and 7 symbols before grid clarify status as premium higher value symbols, establishing visual hierarchy with colored gems as low worth and introducing special non-colored symbols. Altogether a clean, minimal interface free of unnecessary clutter with visual cues facilitating intuitive grasp of symbol tiering.

Volatility and RTP

Starburst fits squarely into low variance bracket, featuring frequent but smaller value wins providing steady reinforcement without extreme spikes. This makes bankrolls less prone to dramatic swings, great for mitigating intensity over long sessions.

Default 96.09% RTP indicates average rewards distributed to gamblers over time. However, NetEnt incorporates flexible RTP allowing operators to adjust between 90.05-99.06% to comply with regulations. So depending on region and casino, actual return rates may fluctuate. Checking paytable reveals configured RTP. Higher end settings in well-regulated markets promote reasonable expected return.

Nevertheless, Starburst generally features stable gameplay interspersed with small surprises to sustain action. Combined with cosmic theme and smooth visuals, laid-back entertainment centers experience over intensity. Less likely to encounter huge dry spells without wins, but also less likely to rapidly accumulate massive gains. Relatively frequent miniature payoffs calibrate general volatility to low rather than medium or high. This places Starburst in realm of casual fun instead of pressure cooker liable to boil over with extreme wins/losses.

Maximum Win

Starburst is not generally regarded as an epic payout slot machine – the appeal and advantages lie more in its accessibility and approachability over promise of transforming fortunes overnight. Nevertheless, wins do scale upwards in a reasonable fashion especially factoring in consistent lower-risk spins.

The maximum single line win appears when five matching BAR symbols land on an active payline, awarding 25x the activating bet. However, given Starburst’s both ways pays system evaluating winning combinations both left to right AND right to left, a full row of BARs doubles the payout to 50x. This works out to 500x the minimum bet of $0.10 and $5,000 for the max bet of $100 per spin.

As a tradeoff for smaller variance and more stabilization, top wins even on peak spins won’t reach five or six digit territory like some multi-feature high volatility slots. Then again through its overall popularity and sheer number of spins daily, Starburst likely collectively awards more aggregate payouts over time versus far more top-heavy games rarely achieving their gain potential.

What Starburst lacks in individual mega-wins, it strives to provide via replay value across countless sessions thanks to reliable spinning action less prone to extinction-level dry spells. For enthusiasts prioritizing comprehensive entertainment over seldom-seen massive one-off jackpots, Starburst awards loyalty – if not with seven-figure top prizes, then through value via volume.

Likewise, the slot’s frequent integration across casino welcome bonuses and promotional offers enhances playtime access. Being granted 20 or 100 free spins might not individually produce phenomenal wins, but does facilitate intermittent play without cutting into bankroll reserves. Over time, these little boosted sessions snowball probability by not requiring continuous player funding to continue enjoying those frequent smaller sparkle hits.

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Symbol Values

As five reel, three row slot, Starburst utilizes two symbol tiers – primary colored jewels comprising lower values, plus Lucky 7 and BAR with expanded functionality.

Five colored jewels distinguished by easily differentiated color schemes and small numerical values displayed above horizontal lines, facilitating instant recognition of color-coded gem values. In descending order – purple 15x, blue 12.5x, green 10x, yellow 7.5x, red 5x. Five purple jewels pays 75x line bet.

Payouts scale evenly across colors. Four of kind provide good fractional amounts ensuring regular small bursts. Three matching jewels earn exactly half relative to five. Even just three purple jewels pays worthwhile 37.5x bet. Minimum victories start from 10x for five red gems down to 2.5x for three. With $0.10 minimum bet, three red jewels scores $0.25 win, quickly replenishing balance dips before possibly bigger future wins.

Lucky 7 denoted by stylized numeral 7 flanked by stars represents initial premium symbol. Five 7s in row triggers 25x. BARs function as top tier, depicted by spherical graphic reminiscent of traditional machine BARs. Aptly named ‘Star Bar’ earns 50x thanks to both ways pays.

Symbolic backbone characterized by accessibility and clarity. Simple static icons avoiding complicated animations/artwork make differentiating easy, including color/number coordination distinguishing lower gem values. Presence of only two tiers also minimizes interplay complexity in favor of highlighting special non-colored 7 and BAR symbols.

Special Features

Starburst opts for straightforward, equal odds gameplay over feature-packed requirements, with sole extra mechanic being Starburst Wilds coinciding randomly with base game spins.

Starburst Wild appears on any of middle three reels – two, three or four. Represented by distinct two dimensional purple starburst graphic overlaid against continuing cosmic backdrop. Visual change distinguishes Wilds without overly flashy disruptions to classy presentation. Signature synth zaps confirm Wild landing.

Functionally, Starburst Wild expands to fill entire reel top to bottom, triggering free respin. If landing on reel three, reel three transforms into locked Wild reel for next spin without requiring additional wager. All other reels continue spinning freely, allowing potential to land more Wilds which likewise expand and lock. Chaining effect means up to three Wilds can activate all middle reels for improved win chances.

Despite only one feature, mechanic engenders anticipation since any normal spin can randomly transform through Wild injection. By scoping Wilds strictly to center reels, their appearance feels special compared to overexposure across all positions. Locked Wild spins integrate organically into gameplay flow without unnecessary digression, adding potential wins while retaining core spinning action.

Altogether, Starburst Wilds deliver heightened volatility multiples through lucky spins without imbalancing reliability. Compared to slots where bonus features dramatically reconfigure reels almost becoming separate games, Starburst Wilds demonstrate how one smartly implemented feature reinforcing strengths retains familiarity while upshifting experience peaks opportunely.

Similar Slot Themes

Jewel Themed Slots. Starburst established colorful jewels as appealing fruits alternative slot symbols. Other jewel themed games include:

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Space & Sci-Fi Themed Slots. Starburst pioneered fusing jewel symbols with galactic backdrops. Similar cosmic and sci-fi titles:

Starburst XXXtreme. This highly-anticipated follow up to the legendary original brings back the fan favorite expanding wilds feature but takes it to the extreme with big multipliers and increased volatility.

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Fishing slots are a popular genre in the online casino industry, and several developers have created games with this theme. While not directly related to Starburst, these games offer a similar experience in terms of gameplay and style, making them suitable for fans of Starburst. Some examples of fishing slots include Big Bass Bonanza and Big Bass Splash.

Play Starburst for Free

You can play a demo version of the original Starburst slot right here on without needing to register or deposit. Experience the charm and gameplay that has made Starburst an all-time legend completely risk-free. has collected hundreds more free online slots spanning various themes and features beyond Starburst. Check out the newest additions from top vendors like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and more on the main page along with top-rated titles. Whether you enjoy galaxy aesthetics like Starburst or prefer historical adventures, mystical creatures, seasonal motifs or branded franchises, iSpinix delivers instant access to an ever-expanding catalog of slots playable instantly in browser.


Originally released over decade ago, Starburst remains most popular online slot ever created. Despite NetEnt’s constant innovations with cutting-edge graphical prowess, their 2012 slot with cosmic jewel theme continues captivating gamers.

Although ostensibly eclipsed by flashier modern slots with more dynamic features unseen when Starburst debuted, its retro simplicity fused with core spinning satisfaction endures. Sustained popularity stems not solely from first mover status but also stripped-down symbol matching against faint space backdrop, immortalized via balanced entertainment.

Gameplay reliably provides smaller wins to maintain sessions without record-breaking payouts. Smooth mechanics without disruptive complexity achieve mild player engagement. Combined with accessibility for various bankrolls, this gemstone generator remains perpetually lodged in collective consciousness, having earned enduring spotlight placement owing to constrained yet rewarding gameplay loop.


Does Starburst have free spins?

No, Starburst does not have a traditional free spins bonus round. The main feature is the Expanding Wilds which trigger re-spins when they land.

Does the Starburst galaxy have a creation myth?

Legend says it formed from the joy of the very first online slot jackpot win.

Is the free Starburst slot the full version ?

The free demo version of Starburst available here is the full version of the real money game, granting access to all features and graphics without wagering or depositing funds.

This comprises the complete 5 reel, 3 row layout with 10 paylines, all colorful gem symbols, Lucky 7 and Star Bar premium symbols, matching volatility/RTP percentages, signature expanding Starburst Wilds across middle reels, authentic spinning speeds and soundtrack.

Players experience genuine Starburst gameplay made famous at online casinos, showcasing its popularity. The sole distinction is the inability to place real wagers or win cash payouts – otherwise everything mirrors the paid variant for full entertainment minus financial risk.

How many paylines does Starburst use and do wins pay both ways?

Starburst has 10 fixed paylines. It also utilizes a both ways pays system, meaning payline wins are evaluated from both left to right AND right to left.

What is the difference between the Lucky 7 symbol and the BAR symbol in terms of payouts?

The Lucky 7 symbol pays 25x your bet for 5 of a kind. The BAR symbol pays 25x from left to right only, but 50x your bet for 5 symbols because of the both ways pays system.

What do I need to play demo Starburst slot?

The Starburst demo imposes no restrictions, granting instant free access without real money betting, account creation, personal information provision or downloads. Users enjoy unlimited no-obligation play directly through web browsers thanks to its status as a purely entertainment recreation omitting financial facets, exemplifying barrier-free slot simulation.

How do Starburst Wild symbols appear during gameplay?

Starburst Wilds only appear randomly on the middle 3 reels (reels 2, 3 and 4). When they land, they expand to cover their entire reel and activate one respin.

Can Starburst Wilds retrigger and stack during respins?

Yes, up to 3 Starburst Wilds can appear consecutively to lock all middle reels wild for maximum respins. They cannot retrigger after the max wilds are reached though.

Which is rarer – 5 BAR symbols or 3 Starburst Wilds?

3 Starburst Wilds is rarer, awarding maximum stacked wilds and respins. BAR hits have slightly better odds per spin.

Is it possible to trigger 3 Starburst Wilds AND 5 BARs for the maximum win?

Unfortunately both top features cannot hit simultaneously since Starburst Wilds occupy reels the BAR symbols need to land on. But either is a nice reward!

How fast is the gameplay of Starburst?

Starburst is on the faster side at nearly 1000 spins per hour on average compared to similar slots. This helps maintain engagement through quicker rounds.

What is the optimal strategy to maximize wins in Starburst?

There is no definitive single optimal play strategy. But lower bets with more auto play spins generally is advised to take advantage of consistency.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov