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Space Goonz Slot Review

Blast off into the farthest reaches of the galaxy for thrilling adventures and stellar wins in Habanero’s vibrant new online slot Space Goonz! This 5×4 reel interstellar quest brings a crew of cute aliens and cosmic wonders across its 1,024 paylines. From cascading multicolored star clusters to spaceship wilds soaring through asteroid belts, this slot aims to rocket players across the cosmos in pursuit of intergalactic treasures. Let’s explore the neon-bathed planets and laser filled nebulas of this energetic extraterrestrial game!

Aliens War

Vibrant Theme and Graphics

A kaleidoscope of alien creatures and celestial bodies fills the reels with richness and color, instantly immersing you in an amusing sci-fi universe. Mustachioed one-eyed beings smile back as you spin alongside green moon-headed martians and blue tentacled oddities. Shooting stars streak behind the reels like fireworks as your meandering UFO scatter symbol zig-zags over bubbly purple planets.

Everything pops with a radiant futuristic style that feels half video game, half cartoon. Space orbs in sizzling reds, cool blues and luminous greens dazzle as they cascade down on winning spins. Wild symbols materialize in a flash of smoking neon pixels. Even the soundtrack radiates an uptempo robotic rhythm befitting the electric hi-tech mood.

A kaleidoscope of alien creatures and celestial bodies

Smooth Gameplay and Layout

Wins blast off when 5+ matching symbols land adjacently from left to right across the galaxy-dusted 5×4 reels. With laser beam quick autoplay engaging up to 100 spins in hyperdrive, the only limit is the speed of light! Bets range from the smallest increments in the cosmos at $0.20 to an epic $5,000 for high rolling astronomers.

As you traverse volatile orbits, the RTP keeps you on course at a generous 97.8%, warping space itself in your favor. Now let’s traverse into hyperspace with a waveform detonator to see what lies in the deepest wormholes!

Cute Symbols and Upgrades

Psychedelic planet spheres emblazon the lower value symbols with trippy pulsating colors, paying modestly as they clump together. The real value lies with the zany aliens, awarding up to 12.5x your stake for melding groups of 5. But sometimes an ordinary alien just won’t do!

alien holo

When 2 spaceships cross trajectories, one lucky alien gets atomically infused, morphing it into a nebulous neon variant worth twice as much. These energized ETs bring a burst of extra payout potential. As your newly minted fluorescent friend giggles with delight, keep triggering more upgrades and spread joy across the galaxy!

Free Spins Through Wormholes

3 or more shimmering spaceship scatters piercing the fifth dimension trigger a wormhole jump into 10 to 50 free spins based on the ships caught in your tractor beam! Before swirling into the cosmic vortex, a random alien gets doused in iridescent stardust for further multiplier madness!

alien holo

Surfing the rippling spacetime waves, continue snagging spaceships to keep warped wins coming as your crew rides quasar waves into a dimension of rainbow riches! With adequate frequency thanks to medium volatility, free spins arrive like comets to inject thrills.

Mobile view

Final Review Summary

With an electrifying neon vibe, smorgasbord of cute aliens, and space oddities galore, Space Goonz beams players up into a vivid interstellar joyride. Smooth mechanics keep the effervescent wins flowing as your crew gets showered in stardust. For anime loving astronomers and sci-fi fans alike, this energetic extraterrestrial quest offers ideal entertainment.Chart course for fun and launch headfirst into the shimmering cosmos today by playing Space Goonz in demo mode here!

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