Infective Wild

Infective Wild is an exciting and unique online slot from leading game developer Pragmatic Play. With its creepy Halloween theme, infectious wild features and potentially massive payouts, this slot offers an immersive and rewarding gaming experience for all players.

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Infective Wild Infective Wild

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Infective Wild Slot Review

As online slots continue to grow in popularity worldwide, developers compete to deliver the most entertaining and profitable games. Pragmatic Play is a top name in the industry, producing a vast range of slots to appeal to all tastes. Their popular releases like Sweet Bonanza and The Dog House have gained huge followings.

Infective Wild is one of Pragmatic Play’s newer offerings that looks set to also draw in the crowds. This imaginative slot transports players to a spooky graveyard on All Hallow’s Eve, with an array of fittingly creepy symbols across 5 reels and 5 rows.

But Infective Wild has a lot more thrills in store than just spine-tingling visuals. As the name hints, the game’s standout feature is its “infective” wilds that can spread across the reels, leading to big wins. Add to that a free spins bonus with even more infectious wild action, and Pragmatic Play has crafted a highly entertaining game.

infective wild

Slot Theme And Storyline

The slot’s name already gives a sense of the overall theme here – this is a creepy game ready for Halloween. All the graphics, from the reel symbols to the background, build an immersive graveyard setting straight out of a horror scene.

On the reels themselves, the lower value symbols feature typical Halloween motifs like potion bottles, bubbling cauldrons, witches’ hats and spooky cats. The higher payers include ravens, black cats, and the most important symbol – a carved pumpkin representing the wild.

In the background, crumbling headstones and twisted bare trees surround the reels, while a full moon shines down on a decrepit old mansion. Occasional haunting sound effects like wolf howls, creaking gates and cackling witches complete the spine-tingling atmosphere.

While some slots lay the horror theme on too thick, Infective Wild strikes the right balance. It brings all the Halloween vibes to the forefront without making the gameplay too dark or intimidating. Pragmatic Play did an excellent job crafting an immersive world that’s creepy enough to be thrilling but still welcoming to all players.

The appearance of the Infective Wild slot. The picture shows the moment of infection of symbols.

A Detailed Analysis of the Slot’s Atmosphere

Let’s explore what really makes the atmosphere of Infective Wild so effectively chilling yet fun.

Graphics – A Graveyard Brought to Life

The graphics deserve first mention for vividly bringing the eerie graveyard theme to life. Crisp detail goes into every symbol, from the shading on the pumpkins to the grotesque faces on the witch hats.

The background sets the scene beautifully as well. Dead trees are clearly outlined against the glowing full moon, with bats fluttering about. A vintage mansion looms on a hilltop, inviting imaginings of what ghostly figures reside inside.

The color palette perfectly fits the Halloween mood. Black dominates with shades of orange and purple sprinkled throughout the symbols and background. The ominous giant moon overhead gives a highlight of white light shining down on the creepy scenery.

Sounds – Echoes Through the Graveyard

The sound design complements the visuals wonderfully, making it feel like you’re right there in the haunted graveyard. Chains rattling, ravens cawing and the occasional sharp crack of thunder can be heard during gameplay.

Winning spins also have their own audio design, with light chimes or spooky laughs rewarding you for clusters of matching symbols. And the infectious wild in action has its own bubbling sounds like a witch’s brew being stirred.

Combined with the crystal-clear graphics, these immersive sounds make the world of Infective Wild feel alive all around you. The scene truly comes to life.

Small Details Add Up

It’s often the small flourishes that elevate a game’s environment and make it feel special. Infective Wild incorporates lots of little extras that enhance the creepy vibe.

For example, bats periodically fly across the screen in front of the reels. Trees and fences subtly shift and creak, creating a sense of motion in the wind. The reels themselves wobble and slide slightly with each spin.

These subtle animations and sound effects lend an interactive, dynamic feeling to the slot. It becomes a scene you feel part of rather than just passively looking in on. The attention to small details here help make the world immersive.

The moment of launching free spins in Infective Wild slot.

To quickly recap, Infective Wild’s graphics and sounds package together beautifully to create a hauntingly immersive environment.

The symbols sport polished, detailed illustrations fitting the creepy theme. Bats, skulls, spiders and other staples of Halloween decorate the reels. The background scenery pops with vivid colors and definition, from gnarled trees to the moonlit haunted house.

Both the graphics and sounds are polished and distinctive while remaining accessible rather than overly dark. Their quality craftsmanship makes gameplay in Infective Wild highly engaging through both sight and sound.

Review of Game Layout

Beyond the aesthetics, Infective Wild also delivers solid gameplay with an intuitive layout that’s easy to grasp.

The core format follows standard 5 reel, 3 row formatting with 40 fixed paylines. Wins are formed by landing 3 or more adjacent matching symbols from left to right. The simplicity here allows players to quickly start spinning and focusing on the unique slot features.

With bets starting at just $0.20 and ranging up to $100, the game accommodates all levels, from casual gamers to high rollers. Responsible gambling is also promoted through options to set loss limits and session timers.

The buttons for changing bets, Autoplay and turbo mode are conveniently displayed without cluttering the screen. Additional info like the rules and paytable are accessible through the main menu.

Overall, Infective Wild hits the sweet spot of providing a streamlined interface that’s simple to play yet still engages the senses with its immersive graphics and sounds. Even beginners should have no trouble diving right into the action here.

Infective Wild Rules And Gameplay

The core mechanics of Infective Wild will feel familiar to experienced slots players. The game has a 5×5 grid with 40 fixed paylines running from left to right.

Matching symbols must land on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost position. Only the highest paying combo per line counts, not multiple smaller wins on the same line.

With medium volatility and hit frequency of 25%, payouts come at a respectable rate to keep gameplay exciting. And the RTP of 96.53% means average returns are generously in the player’s favor.

Infective Wild accommodates all types of players with its wide range of available bet sizes. The minimum bet is just $0.20 per spin, perfect for cautious gamers and beginners.

For high rollers, the maximum bet goes up to $100 per spin. This creates the chance for some seriously large payouts during big wins.

Helpful autoplay options are also built in to automatically keep spins going for a set number of turns. Players can also easily set loss limits upon starting a session.

Game DeveloperPragmatic Play
Hit Frequency25%
Bet Sizes$0.20 min, $100 max
Free SpinsYes
Bonus BuyYes
Max Win5,000x stake

Stacked Symbols Add Suspense

One extra element that amplifies the standard gameplay is the use of stacked symbols. Any matching symbols that appear can stack vertically on a reel.

This creates opportunities to land larger clusters, especially helpful for hitting those 5-of-a-kind wins across a payline. The anticipation of whether stacks will line up helps drive up the excitement.

As we’ll see next, the special wild and scatter symbols incorporated into Infective Wild also bring some fresh new elements to the table.

Infective Wilds – The Game’s Claim To Fame

No slot named Infective Wild would be complete without a wild symbol that spreads contagiously! This is the special feature that truly makes the game stand apart.

Wild symbols in Infective Wild are represented by carved pumpkin icons. As expected, these substitute for other symbols to help complete winning combinations.

Their “infectious” power comes into play when they land adjacent to raven or black cat symbols, even just diagonally. Any ravens or cats next to a wild also turn wild!

These newly infected symbols can then pass on their wild status to any neighboring ravens or cats. Watching the wilds gradually infect across the grid is thrilling.

The moment of falling 3 scatter in the Infective Wild slot. Now will be the start of free bonus spins.

How Scatter Symbols Lead To Free Spins

Infective Wild’s other special symbol is the scatter, illustrated by a spellbook icon. Land 3 or more scatters anywhere on the grid to trigger the rewarding free spins round.

Before free spins begin, players spin through a short bonus game to determine how many free turns they’ve won, from just 8 up to 24 maximum.

Free spins offer the chance for big rewards, especially with infectious wilds still in play, as we’ll explain shortly in the features section. Scatter symbols do not pay out directly – they exist only to unlock free spins.

Straightforward Paytable With Generous Payouts

The paytable in Infective Wild breaks down cleanly into higher and lower paying symbols.

Lower symbols like witches’ hats and potions pay out more modestly, from just 5x to 10x the stake for 5 in a row.

Higher end symbols hit bigger. Eerie ravens return up to 40x your bet for a 5 symbol combo, while the rare jackpot of 5 black cats pays a whopping 60x your stake!

Although the max payout caps at 5,000x your wager, the game still delivers rewards frequently enough to keep the fun going.

Infective Wild Bonuses And Special Features

While the standard 5×5 gameplay is solid, Infective Wild truly shines when it comes to the bonus features. The infectious wilds and free spin rounds add extra excitement and opportunities for big wins.

Mini game in Infective Wild slot. There is counting the number of free bonus spins.

Infective Wilds – Spreading Generous Wins

The game’s namesake Infective Wild feature is easily the star of the show here. Whenever the wild pumpkin symbol lands on the grid, its effect can spread like a virus!

Specifically, any adjacent raven or black cat symbols also turn wild when sitting next to a wild. Even just diagonal counts for spreading.

These newly infected symbols can then pass their wild effect on to any other neighboring ravens or cats. Before you know it, whole sections of the grid go wild!

Watching this wild infection gradually take over is thrilling in itself. And of course, more wilds mean a greater chance of hitting those lucrative 5-of-a-kind combos across paylines.

It’s a clever, unique take on the standard expanding wild feature found in many slots. Players keep spinning to see how far their luck spreads the wild symbol chain.

Free Spins – Enhanced Rewards

In the base game, scatters appear on the middle 3 reels. Just 3 scatters landing anywhere triggers the coveted free spins round.

First, a bonus game occurs, revealing 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 or 24 free spins. A higher number means more chances for big wins!

Free spins offer boosted potential payouts, as wilds landing on the first 4 reels are now sticky for the bonus duration. And with infectious wilds still spreading between spins, the rewards can stack up quick.

This makes the bonus round especially thrilling. Watching those sticky wilds lock in place spin after spin keeps the anticipation high. By the end, the screen is often flooded with wilds leading to massive multi-line wins.

Free spins can’t be retriggered. But the round ends with a dramatic flourish, as any remaining sticky wilds burst and reveal a final bonus cash prize.

Big winnings in Infective Wild slot.

Buy Bonus – For Instant Gratification

Some players don’t have time to wait and hope scatters trigger the free spins naturally. For them, Infective Wild offers the Buy Bonus feature.

By paying 100x the stake value, players can instantly unlock the free spins round. This purchases 8 to 24 free spins based on the random bonus spinner result.

Buying the bonus enables skipping right to the game’s most exciting feature. However, the buy-in cost is steep. Savvy players may prefer waiting for free spins to hit naturally.

Maximum Winnings – Capped But Still Exciting

Despite the proliferation of wild symbols during bonuses, Infective Wild needed to cap maximum wins to keep payouts feasible.

The top jackpot win possible in the game is 5,000x the stake value. Though massive, it remains in reach compared to slots with astronomical caps unlikely to ever hit.

Lower symbol wins also feel satisfying, with 5 premium symbols paying from 250x to 500x the bet value. Though not infinite, these max payouts still make bonuses highly rewarding.

Infective Wild Demo Version and Free Play

Playing Infective Wild for free is the perfect way to get a feel for the gameplay and unique features before betting real cash. Several reputable casinos offer a free play demo version requiring no registration or download.

The free play mode functions just like the real money game. Players can access all the same features and bonus rounds, with a starting balance of virtual credits instead of real funds.

Taking Infective Wild for a spin in practice mode lets you learn strategies to win more often. Trying the infectious wilds and free spin bonuses for free means you’ll be primed for the biggest payouts when playing for real.

Visit to instantly load the Infective Wild demo in your browser. With no signup needed, you can be exploring this creepily exciting slot within seconds. Don’t miss out on the thrills of playing Infective Wild online free!

Play Infective Wild Slot on Mobile

Part of what makes Infective Wild such an accessible and convenient game is its seamless mobile optimization. Players can take the slot along anywhere and keep the fun going on the go.

Thanks to robust HTML5 technology, the mobile version delivers the exact same graphics, sounds and features as the desktop game. No quality is lost scaling down to the smaller screen.

Infective Wild is fully compatible with any iOS or Android smartphone and tablet. The responsive design automatically resizes for optimal performance across any device.

With some free time to kill riding the bus or waiting in line, just load up the mobile slot to enjoy a few quick spins. Infective Wild transitions beautifully to on-the-go play.


Infective Wild delivers a polished and rewarding slots experience that stands out from the crowded market. Pragmatic Play showed creativity and skill in building an immersive world with unique gameplay twists.

All the details, from the haunting visuals to the infectious wild mechanics, coalesce into a highly entertaining package. Enough small touches keep gameplay feeling fresh after many spins. With volatility on the higher side, bonuses hit frequently enough to feel rewarding.

Infective Wild slot on your mobile device.

For horror fans, Infective Wild is a new favorite to add to your Halloween slots playlist. The creepy vibe creates an invitingly spooky backdrop for all the winning action.

Even players who usually avoid scary themes will appreciate this game’s more playful take on graveyard frights. With the generously spreading wilds and free spin features, Infective Wild offers winning potential across the board.

If looking for an engaging medium-volatility slot that balances novelty with familiarity, be sure to take Infective Wild for a spin soon. Its infectious fun will have you coming back for more all season long.


Is there a free version of Infective Wild I can play?

Yes, many reputable casinos offer a free play demo version of Infective Wild that lets you try the game risk-free. This is a great way to get comfortable with the features and gameplay before playing for real money.

What is the maximum payout possible in Infective Wild?

The top jackpot you can win in Infective Wild is 5,000x your stake value. Though not infinite, this max win is still exciting to strive for and actually achievable compared to some slots with astronomical caps.

Does Infective Wild have free spins?

Yes, landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the rewarding free spins round. First a bonus game occurs to reveal how many free spins you’ve won, up to 24 maximum. Free spins offer big win potential thanks to sticky infectious wilds.

Is there a bonus buy feature?

Infective Wild includes the option to buy the free spins bonus instantly by paying 100x your stake. While costly, this lets impatient players skip right to the bonus round instead of waiting to trigger it naturally.

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