Honey Hive XL

Honey Hive XL provides a novel online video slot experience through its cheerful bee-themed honeycomb reels, bonuses like the wheel and expanding wild free spins, pleasant meadow imagery, and upbeat sounds. The game diverges from standardized slots with engaging gameplay targeting both casual and seasoned players.

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Honey Hive XL Slot Review

The online video slot Honey Hive XL from developer Rival Gaming utilizes cheerful summer bee and honey production themes through distinctive honeycomb-shaped reels and bee-themed bonuses for enjoyable, potentially lucrative gameplay. It diverges from standard slots with creative elements targeting both casual and experienced players.

Honey Hive XL focuses on bees gathering nectar to make honey using visuals like honeycombs, meadow flowers, buzzing bees, and full honey pots shown through upbeat cartoon graphics. The sunny meadow backdrop contains swaying flowers, grass, and bee animations for a pleasant summer feel. Cheery jazz mixed with buzzing creates a relaxing mood. The graphics and sounds transport players into the carefree bee honey production setting for low-stakes gameplay.

Reel Layout

One of the most unique aspects of Honey Hive XL is its distinctive reel layout. Rather than the commonly seen 5×3 or other standard grids, this game uses an unconventional honeycomb or hexagonal structure for its reels. There are three reels, but each one has four visible symbol positions for a total configuration of 3-4-3. This creative layout results in 36 potential ways to win across the reels.

Honey Hive XL slot by Rival
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The honeycomb shape ties directly into the bee and honeycomb aspects of the theme. It provides an alternative to standard slots gaming, adding some extra interest to the game visually. The designers at Rival Gaming clearly made an effort to have the reel structure reflect the subject matter. The unusual shape also contributes to the slot’s style of frequent but lower value payouts, as opposed to relying just on long combo multiline wins.

Combined with the cheery graphics, the honeycomb reels help make Honey Hive XL stand out with a look and feel all its own compared to many other basic video slots.

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Honey Hive XL slot
Honey Hive XL

Symbol Values

The symbols populating the reels in Honey Hive XL incorporate both classic slot machine icons and original ones themed appropriately around bees and honey.

Higher value and more frequently occurring symbols include classic Lucky 7s and Watermelons. The devilishly Lucky 7s live up to their name by awarding the game’s maximum standard payout of 500x the line bet when five land together. Watermelons are the next most lucrative symbol, paying 250x for a five of a kind combination. Lower tier base game symbols include Triple, Double, and Single Bars, which award smaller but still worthwhile line payouts.

Rounding out the standard reel symbols are theme-related ones like golden Honey Pots and busy little Cartoon Bees. Two special symbols also appear: the Bee acts as the Wild, able to substitute for others to make winning paylines. And the Honey Pot functions as the Scatter, key to unlocking the game’s bonus features. Overall the mix of standard slots symbols and original bee-themed ones comes together well to match the overall honeybee aesthetic.

Special Features

Honey Hive XL incorporates two entertaining and potentially rewarding special features into its gameplay.

First is the Honey Pot Prize Wheel, triggered when two or more Honey Pot Scatters land anywhere on the reels. This wheel feature promises either an instant cash prize or the awarding of 15 free spins. The cash prizes range from a consolation reward up to a hefty payout. The wheel adds an extra element of anticipation each spin, as any turn could lead to activating it and winning big.

The other main feature is the Bee Rich Free Spins bonus. Landing three Scatters awards 15 free spins with Expanding Wilds in play. Having Wild Bees expand to fill whole reels noticeably increases the odds of forming multiple high paying symbol combinations. Free spins can also be retriggered, adding to the excitement. Between the spinning prize wheel and expanding bee wilds, these features provide welcome bonuses that perfectly complement the game’s honeybee theme.

 Honey Pot Prize Wheel
Bee Rich Free Spins bonus

Free Spins Details

The Bee Rich Free Spins bonus occurs when three or more Honey Pot Scatter symbols show up anywhere on the game’s unique honeycomb reels. When triggered, 15 free spins are awarded during which some Wild Bee symbols have the ability to expand when they land to fill up the entire reel.

So instead of just a single wild, sometimes these Expanding Wild Bees will stretch across all four visible positions on their reel. This opens up huge potential for forming winning combos, as the wild bees can then substitute for any paying symbol in numerous spots at once. The more wild bees that land and expand to cover reels during the bonus spins, the higher the likelihood of big multiple payline wins.

If more Scatters also appear during the feature, even more free spins can be awarded, making for some highly rewarding potential. With a bit of luck, the Expanding Wilds mechanic can lead to massive payouts across multiple lines, especially when premium symbols get involved. The free spins round adds welcome bonus winning chances in addition to the fun of the Honey Pot Wheel, coming together to provide a well-rounded and engaging slots experience overall.


With its playful bee and honey-inspired theme, one-of-a-kind honeycomb reel layout, fun bonus features, and upbeat soundtrack, Honey Hive XL provides a unique and charming online video slot experience.

It offers approachable, laidback gameplay for casual gamers, while still incorporating bonuses and winning potential to appeal to more seasoned players. The cheery meadow landscape and buzzing wing animations contribute to a pleasant gaming atmosphere. Simple but smooth gameplay combined with unusual style make Honey Hive XL stand out in the crowded slots genre.

Whether looking to relax and have fun or take some bigger slot risks for juicy payouts, Honey Hive XL delivers engaging entertainment and winning excitement unlike most standard slot machines. So take a spin in this honey-soaked world, and chase those big buzzy wins today!

Written by: Vlad Hvalov