Haunted House

The “Haunted House” slot by Playtech is a horror-themed slot game with inconsistent information available. The game features a high volatility, a 96.71% RTP, and a Garlic symbol that pays out for every payline it appears in 1, 2 or 3 times.

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Haunted House Haunted House

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Haunted House Slot Review

Haunted House is a classic 3-reel, 5-payline video slot created by Playtech. It utilizes a supernatural haunted mansion theme with scary visuals and sounds. Gameplay focuses on straightforward spinning reels to line up matching symbols across paylines.

Haunted House lacks modern slot features like free spins, cascading wins, or expanding wilds. Instead it provides a vintage slot experience reliant on basic spinning reel mechanics. With its simplistic structure and eerie theme, Haunted House appeals to players seeking old-school gambling excitement.

Theme & Setting

A haunted house motif permeates throughout the game’s visual presentation and audio landscape. The reels are positioned inside a crumbling Gothic castle exterior at night. A full moon glows above the towering spires and turrets. Dead trees line the landscape while bats flutter across the moonlit sky. A single lit tower window provides the only illumination for the ominous setting.

Haunted House slot by Playtech
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The reel symbols match the spooky ambience. Icons include candles, coffins, daggers, crucifixes, and garlic bulbs. The garlic derives from vampire hunter lore as a ward against bloodsuckers. Sinister audio effects like screeches, howls, clanks, and thunderclaps enhance the creepy atmosphere.

Volatility & RTP, Maximum Win

Haunted House provides a payout percentage (RTP) of 96.71%. This falls within the common range for slot game volatility. While special features are absent, the straightforward reel mechanics allow for frequent minor victories. However, the maximum jackpot of 1,800 coins, valued up to $9,000, categorizes Haunted House as highly volatile. Substantially sized bets are required to unlock the top prize. This makes the game better suited for high rollers rather than casual players.

Haunted House Casinos

Quick informations

The 1,800 coin jackpot occurs when three garlic symbols align on an active payline. As there is no progressive jackpot, this maximum win amount cannot surpass its defined limit. Compared to some slots offering millions in potential earnings, Haunted House’s top payout remains relatively modest. But for vintage slot purists, the nostalgic gameplay supersedes the limited jackpot ceiling.

Haunted House slot
Haunted House slot

Symbol Values

Haunted House contains 12 total symbols on its reels, split between thematic icons and standard playing card suits. The garlic clove functions as the game’s solitary scatter symbol. It awards payouts for 2 to 5 matching garlics landing in any position. Of the normal symbols, the crucifix holds the most value during standard play. Hitting 3 crucifixes on an active payline pays out 300 coins.

Other thematic symbols include a jeweled chalice, wooden coffin, candle, and ceremonial dagger. Aligning 3 chalices provides 75 coin winnings, while 3 coffins pay 200 coins. Both candles and daggers award 50 coins for hitting 3 of a kind. The playing card suit symbols offer lower payouts, with 3 of a kind wins ranging from 25 coins for 10-Jack up to 100 coins for Aces.

Special Features

Haunted House contains no contemporary bonus features like free spins, re-spins, multipliers, or interactive side games. The lone special function comes from the garlic scatter symbol and its payouts for multiple garlics hitting any reel spots. With no wild icon present, the game also lacks the ability to substitute in place of other symbols to generate winning combinations. This gives Haunted House purely classic gameplay reliant solely on spinning matches along paylines.

Analysis & Comparisons

Haunted House exemplifies a classic slot format established in physical casinos decades ago. Gameplay focuses wholly on spinning reels attempting to align matching symbols across activated paylines. This provides a pure, back-to-basics slot experience compared to the bonus feature packed video slots prevalent today. However, some players may find the complete lack of special events disappointing.

The haunted mansion theme and gothic symbols take inspiration from longstanding horror tropes. But the exaggerated artistic style keeps the tone more fun than frightening. This compares favorably to other horror-based slots like NetEnt’s photo-realistic Haunted House with its genuinely creepy graphics and sounds. By comparison, Haunted House downplays actual scares in favor of lighthearted spooky thrills.

While limited in scope compared to modern slots, Haunted House delivers an enjoyable old-school gaming experience. Those desiring vintage gameplay may appreciate the trip back in time to slot machine basics. However, players seeking frequent payout spikes from bonus features should focus their attention on more contemporary offerings.


In summary, Haunted House provides a classic 3-reel slot experience centered wholly on spinning reels to align symbols across paylines. It omits contemporary bonus features and special events commonly found in modern video slots. This results in straightforward, traditional gameplay reliant on matching symbols.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov