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Demon Pots Demon Pots

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Demon Pots Slot Review

Descend into the fiery depths and experience the mystique of the underworld with Demon Pots, the new highly volatile online slot from Pragmatic Play. This 5-reel, 3-row game invites players into a realm of scorching visuals and bewitching features across its 40 paylines. Before playing for real money, you can access this slot right on this page and play Demon Pots for free to get a feel for its immersive atmosphere and rewarding potential.

From the moment you load Demon Pots, the game envelops you in its fiery setting with intense shades of red, orange, and yellow flames flickering brightly across the reels. The background depicts a cave-like chamber with molten lava dripping down stone walls covered in mysterious runic symbols. Sinister laughing echoes around the room, complementing the foreboding ambience.

Demon Pots Slot Logo
Red Demon from Demon Pots Slot

The main character is a red-skinned, pointy-horned demon with a mischievous grin. As the wild symbol, he throws fireballs at the row of pots displayed above the reels, hoping to activate the bonuses within. Though menacing in appearance, this cheeky demon acts as a helpful ally in triggering lucrative features for players.

Upbeat ska music reminiscent of bands like Madness and The Specials adds a quirky contrast to the ominous surroundings. The lively tunes inject some chaotic fun into the game’s dark mysticism. Altogether, the sights and sounds create a dynamic, engaging atmosphere that draws you into the slot’s underworld theme.

As a high volatility game with an RTP of 96.01%, Demon Pots provides an electrifying environment primed for big wins. While payouts may be less frequent, the immersive experience makes each spin thrilling as players wait in anticipation for the demon wild to grant access to one of the game’s many rewards.

Game Data and Setup

Before detailing the slot’s wealth of features, let’s examine the game data and setup which form the framework for this rewarding underworld adventure:

  • 5 reels, 3 rows, 40 fixed paylines
  • High volatility slot with RTP of 96.01%
  • Minimum bet of £/€0.40 and maximum bet of £/€1,000 per spin
  • Maximum payout capped at 6,000x your bet
  • Ante Bet increases bet by 50% for higher bonus chance
  • Wild symbol appears only on central reel in base game
  • Wins pay from left to right on adjacent reels from first reel
  • Coin Symbol values range from 0.2x to 2x total bet
  • Bonus Buy option available for direct feature access

This critical information lays the groundwork for understanding the slot’s volatility, payout structure, special features, and overall gameplay flow. With the stage set, let’s explore everything players can look forward to in this scorching online slot.

Demon Wild Symbol

The game’s red demon character serves as the wild, appearing only on the middle reel during the base game. This impish creature engages in some cheeky behavior, throwing fireballs at the row of pots displayed atop the reels after each spin.

When the wild lands simultaneously as Coin Symbols, players are awarded the value of those Coins. The wild also has the power to randomly trigger the pots, activating lucrative features like Free Spins and Win Spins.

By substituting for standard symbols, the wild improves your chances of forming winning combinations across paylines. It also unlocks access to Demon Pots’ most rewarding bonuses. Keep an eye out each spin for the mischievous demon and his fiery antics.

Red Demon Wild Symbol
Appearance of online slot machine "Demon Pots"
That's what Coin Symbols looks like.

Coin Symbols

Landing Coin Symbols on the reels awards instant payouts ranging from 0.2x to 2x your total bet. These Coins appear in bronze, silver, and gold varieties, with the golden Coins offering the maximum 2x multiplier.

When Coin Symbols land simultaneously as the wild demon on that middle reel, you receive the value of all Coins shown. This adds an extra layer of profit potential to each spin.

The true power of Coins is revealed in Free Spins, where their payouts can be boosted significantly by sticky wilds landing on reels 4 and 5. We’ll explore wild multipliers shortly. For now, recognize Coin Symbols as an ever-present source of instant rewards.

Win Spins

When the wild demon’s fireball activates the Win Spins pot displayed above the reels, players receive 6 guaranteed respins.

During this feature, the wild remains locked in place on the center reel for all respins. This ensures each spin generates a win through either standard symbol combinations, Coin Symbol payouts, or additional pot activations.

Win Spins can also be triggered during Free Spins, resetting the number of spins to 6. Having the sticky wild constantly on screen takes the volatility up a notch, creating big win potential.

Free Spins

The Free Spins pot awards 6 free rounds when activated by the demon wild. As in Win Spins, the wild remains fixed on the middle reel for all spins.

Free Spins introduce the chance of landing expanded sticky wilds on reels 4 and 5. When this happens, all Coin Symbol payouts are multiplied, enhancing rewards dramatically.

A sticky wild covering reel 5 multiplies Coins by 3x. If sticky wilds land on reels 4 and 5, Coin values are boosted by a sizeable 6x.

These sticky wilds remain on their reels until all Free Spins conclude. Any additional spins awarded reset the number to 6. Free Spins is where Demon Pots’ volatility jumps off the scale, making for tense and titillating gameplay.

Win free spins in Demon Pots online slot.

Super Coins

The Super Coins pot serves up a wealth of instant payouts when triggered. 6 Coin Symbols valued between 0.4x to 2x your total bet are immediately splashed onto the reels.

These golden Coins offer higher multipliers than standard Coins, providing a supercharged revenue stream. Super Coins combined with sticky wilds in Free Spins can result in monumental payouts off a single bonus activation.

Bonus Buy

For a one-time fee of 100x your bet, the Bonus Buy lets you directly access Demon Pots’ two main features back-to-back.

First, the Win Spins pot is activated, providing 6 respins with the wild locked in place. Once Win Spins conclude, you are automatically awarded 6 Free Spins.

This convenient package delivers Demon Pots’ most lucrative bonuses in quick succession. While costly, it allows those seeking volatile gameplay to fast-track into the game’s most profitable features.

Standard Symbol Payouts

Matching 3 to 5 standard symbols from left to right on adjacent reels starting from reel 1 awards payouts based on your bet level. Lower-value card symbols of 10 through Ace offer smaller payouts, while thematic symbols provide larger rewards.

Here are the max payouts for 5 matching standard symbols:

  • 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace – 1x bet
  • Golden Horseshoe – 1.6x bet
  • Trident – 2.4x bet
  • Burlap Money Bag – 5x bet
  • Stacked Coins – 7.5x bet
  • Golden Idol – 10x bet

Landing 5 of the top-paying Golden Idol can award payouts up to 10x your bet. While standard symbols yield smaller base game wins, they remain important for building your bankroll.

Volatility and Payout Potential

As a highly volatile slot with limited mid-tier payouts, Demon Pots is tailored for players chasing big wins. The RTP sits at 96.01%, slightly above average, but everyday payouts are scarcer.

Max payouts reach up to 6,000x your bet, but hitting that upper limit will be a rare occurrence. This slot generates fewer frequent wins in exchange for the chance at colossal payouts under the right circumstances.

The volatility rises substantially during features like Free Spins and Win Spins. This is where the slot’s potential is unlocked through bonuses combining expanded wilds and Coin multipliers.

Demon Pots satisfies cravings for volatile, high-energy gameplay. But players should expect large dry spells punctuated by big wins when special features align. Check your balance expectations and embrace the volatility before playing.

Demon Wild Symbol

Audiovisual Experience

Demon Pots employs a stylized retro look for its symbols, fonts, and graphics. The visuals won’t impress compared to modern 3D slots, but provide nostalgic appeal. Fiery special effects like blazing wild symbols and glowing bonus pots add flair.

The upbeat ska soundtrack contrasts nicely with the dark visual theme. Jaunty horn sections and driving basslines maintain an energetic vibe during play. Overall, the graphics and audio coordinate well to enhance the slot’s playful personality.

For players accustomed to advanced modern graphics, Demon Pots’ visual style may seem outdated. But there’s enough artistic charm to captivate fans of retro slot designs. Combined with the infectious soundtrack, the experience proves immersive on the whole.


From volatile math to immersive gameplay and striking visuals, Demon Pots provides a complete package tailored for high-stakes slot enthusiasts. Players willing to endure compact dry spells will eventually reap the rewards through features like Free Spins and Win Spins.

While not the flashiest slot on the market, its nostalgic presentation and innovative features like Coin multipliers make gameplay wholly unique. High rollers aiming straight for those max payouts will appreciate the convenience of a direct Bonus Buy too.

If you crave electrifying wins across an extended gameplay journey, Demon Pots is a must-try. And remember – you can always try this online slot for free right here before playing for real money. Now that you know what makes this game tick, it’s time to brave the fiery depths yourself in search of scorching payouts.

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