Hold and WIn feature

The Hold and Win feature is a specialized bonus round in certain online slot games whereby landing a predetermined set of symbols during a spin causes them to remain fixed in place as the reels respin for additional potential winning combinations. Typically activated by a specific number of scatter or bonus trigger symbols, the initial symbols are locked as the spins continue, often resetting with each new special symbol that appears.

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The Hold and Win Feature in Online Slot Games

The Hold and Win feature is an innovative mechanic within online slot games whereby specific symbols lock into place during a respin round, enabling extended gameplay. Obtaining particular trigger symbols activates the feature, initially granting a standard number of respins while the triggering icons remain fixed on the reels. As additional triggering symbols emerge during respins, they too remain stagnant, resetting the respin count. This progression lasts until no new sticky symbols appear.

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Defining the Hold and Win Attribute

The Hold and Win attribute commences when predetermined scatter or bonus icons land on reels, sticking throughout ensuing respins and potentially amassing across positions. Each emergent trigger symbol further resets the respin tally to its original amount, frequently three spins. This enables theoretically unremitting respins pending cessation of landing supplementary sticky symbols.

The feature permits accumulating complementary icons over respins, considerably expanding payout feasibility beyond standard gameplay’s parameters. Participants may moreover earn substantially higher rewards from this process.

Gameplay Instructions for Slots with Hold and Win

When engaging slots with Hold and Win properties, participants should adhere to following gameplay flow:

  1. Adjust betting amount and active paylines
  2. Spin reels until obtaining predetermined quantity of trigger symbols
  3. Trigger symbols remain stagnant for upcoming re-spins
  4. Accrue more trigger symbols as able throughout respins
  5. Conclude gameplay when no additional symbols emerge

Wagering judiciously over potentially perpetual re-spins while continually attaining adjoining sticky symbols until conclusion optimizes potential payouts.

Notable Titles Showcasing Hold and Win Mechanics

Numerous reputable developers have integrated Hold and Win mechanics into slot releases. Below are some staple games exhibiting the discussed functionality:

Money Train 2: This train-centric slot title incorporates the Hold and Win feature through its coin-based activation system, allowing extended re-spin rounds. Coins landing during said rounds remain stagnant, enabling accumulation.

Buffalo Power: Hold & Win This animal-themed slot variant on a classic casino game incorporates the Hold and Win mechanism via golden coin symbols that trigger the feature. Additional surfacing coins during the re-spin phase adhere to positions.

Lion Dance Celebration: This Lunar New Year-inspired release by Pragmatic Play initiates its Prosperity Coins Hold and Win feature by collecting designated gold coins during free spins. Further emerging coins remain stagnant while re-spins continue.

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Hold and Win

Why is Hold and Win feature cool?

A key appeal of Hold and Win slots is the chance to accumulate payouts across respins. In Money Train 2, gains can build through the persistent Collector and Sniper symbols modifying pays and multipliers respectively. Similarly, adding more Power symbols in Buffalo Power raises the chance of winning one of the in-game Mini, Minor, Major or Grand jackpots.

The Hold and Win mechanic crafts an engaging experience by allowing wins to develop over multiple respins through sticky symbols. This feature is gaining traction across slot providers given its ability to elevate both entertainment value and payout potential.


How is the Hold and Win feature activated?

The Hold and Win feature is activated by landing a predetermined set of special symbols, usually Scatters or Bonus symbols, on the reels in a single spin. The number of symbols required to trigger the feature varies by game, but often 3 or more are needed. When this occurs, the Hold and Win round commences.

What happens when the Hold and Win feature is triggered? 

Triggering the feature causes the special symbols to become “sticky” and remain on the reels for a round of respins, usually starting at 3 respins. The other symbols spin while the trigger symbols are locked in place.

Do the special symbols expand to additional positions during the feature?

Sometimes. In some Hold and Win games, the special symbols may expand to cover entire reels or multiple positions, increasing winning potential. However, this varies by game and is not always the case.

How does the player win during the Hold and Win feature? 

Winning combinations and payouts occur just as they would in the base game – by landing matching symbols across active paylines. However, the sticky locked symbols increase the chances of forming more and longer matching combinations each respin. Giant wins can quickly accumulate!

What is the benefit of the Hold and Win feature? 

The benefit is the potential for bigger and better wins. Locking special symbols in place over repeat respins allows players to amass matching symbols more easily and build up gigantic winning combinations across paylines for huge payouts.

Which slots offer Hold and Win features? 

Many slot developers now incorporate Hold and Win features into new releases. Some of the most popular examples include Money Train 2, Dragon Hot Hold and Spin, Buffalo Power: Hold & Win, and Wins of Nautilus Hold and Win. More games are offered on this page.

Are there any tips for getting the most from the Hold and Win feature? 

Useful tips include paying attention to the number of spins remaining, taking advantage of expanding special symbols, clearing reels of low-paying symbols first, and managing your bankroll properly during the bonus round since it can last many spins. Picking the right Hold & Win slot for your playstyle can also maximize the excitement!