The Gamble feature presents slots players with the chance to potentially double their winnings through a simple guessing game. However, this opportunity comes with the significant risk of losing it all. Understanding how it works and the risks involved can lead to more informed choices.

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What is the Gamble Feature in Slots?

The Gamble feature, also called a “Double or Nothing” bonus, is an optional secondary game accessible after slot spins yielding payouts. It allows players to wager those winnings in a simple 50/50 guessing game, like predicting a playing card’s color or suit. Correctly guessing doubles the earnings, while incorrectly guessing forfeits them entirely.

This binary dynamic evolved from the coin flip games in early physical slot machines. Its inclusion in contemporary online slots adds interactive engagement but requires prudent use given the equivalent chances of doubling or losing winnings. Players must weigh entertainment value against financial risks.

How to Use the Gamble Feature

There are several common types of gamble features:

  • Guess Red or Black Card – The most popular type, guess whether the next card drawn will be red or black
  • Guess Card Suit – Predict if the next card will be a heart, club, diamond or spade
  • Hi-Lo – Guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the current card
  • Heads or Tails – Correctly call a virtual coin flip
  • Match a Symbol – Pick which symbol will appear next

If the player guesses correctly, their initial win will be doubled instantly. However, an incorrect guess means all of those original winnings are lost.

Accessing the Gamble feature is straightforward:

  1. After a winning spin, a distinct button becomes visible, often labeled “Gamble” or “Double Up.”
  2. Upon activating it, players must make a binary 50/50 guess about a random event, like whether a playing card’s suit will be red or black.
  3. The outcome is revealed. If the guess is correct, the winnings double. If incorrect, the winnings are lost.
  4. Players can repeat the guessing, risking prior winnings to potentially double total earnings.
  5. At any point, players can collect the current winnings, exiting the Gamble feature.

With simple yes/no guessing, users can quickly accumulate winnings. However, the equivalently likely outcomes make losses just as probable over repeated plays. Responsible use requires prudent wagering.

Understanding the Risks and Rewards

The Gamble feature exemplifies binomial probability: each guess has an equal 50% chance of success or failure. This carries substantive risks and rewards:

Potential Rewards:

  • Quickly doubling slot winnings through correct guesses.
  • Accumulating exponentially higher winnings from successive doubling.
  • Added engagement and excitement from the guessing game.

Potential Risks:

  • A 50% chance of losing all wagered winnings from each guess.
  • Overconfidence leading to impulsive guessing and significant financial loss.
  • Increased tendency toward addictive gambling behaviors.
  • Ignoring the statistical improbability of repeated successful guesses.

With equivalent probabilities of doubling or losing winnings, players should carefully weigh the entertainment value against financial risks in using Gamble features responsibly.

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Test your skill at these and other slots with Gamble features for entertainment. But given the high risks involved, responsible gambling practices are essential.

Tips for Using Gamble Features

Here are some tips to use gamble features responsibly:

  • Only gamble small wins, not your biggest payouts
  • Set a strict limit on the number of gambles per session
  • Never chase losses by gambling more after unsuccessful gambles
  • Take a break if you find yourself getting caught up in the excitement
Free Slots with Gamble Featire

The Gamble feature presents a simple yet tense guessing game with the chance to double slot earnings. But the equally likely potential loss requires prudent decision making. By better understanding how it works and the inherent risks, players can make informed entertainment choices while being mindful of responsible gambling practices.


What is the Gamble feature in online slots?

The Gamble feature, also called Double Up or Risk, is an optional bonus round that allows players to potentially double their winnings by guessing the outcome of a random event, like the suit or color of a playing card. However, an incorrect guess results in losing the wagered winnings entirely.

What are the typical guessing options in the Gamble feature?

Common guessing scenarios include predicting whether a randomly drawn playing card will be red or black, predicting the suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades), or guessing whether a virtual coin flip lands on heads or tails. The binary choice is always a 50/50 probability.

What happens if the Gamble guess is correct?

If the player’s guess is correct, the winnings they wagered are doubled. For example, gambling 100 credits on red and the card drawn is red doubles it to 200 credits. Successive correct guesses exponentially increase winnings.

What happens if the guess is incorrect?

An incorrect guess results in the loss of all winnings wagered in that Gamble round. Guessing red but the card drawn is black means forfeiting the original 100 credits risked. This reinforces the high-risk nature of the feature.

What strategies may players try with the Gamble feature?

Since all outcomes are random 50/50 probabilities, there are no viable long-term strategies. Players may try quitting after a set number of doubles or setting loss limits. The most reliable strategy is prudent gambling with winnings you can afford to lose.

Can free play slots have the Gamble feature?

Yes, the Gamble feature is commonly included even in slots playable for free. This lets players evaluate the risks and excitement value without financial loss risk. However, the random outcomes remain identical.

Does the Gamble feature affect slot machine RTP?

No, the Gamble feature does not modify the published return-to-player (RTP) percentage of a slot machine. The RTP only reflects base game winnings. Potentially doubling through Gamble is not guaranteed.

Can slot jackpots be wagered in the Gamble feature?

Typically, no. Larger base game prizes like progressive jackpots usually cannot be risked in the Gamble round. This limits potential losses from impulsive guesses. Only smaller base game winnings are wagered.